If I move to Florida from Virginia for college, would I have to change my plates and get Florida auto insurance?

I’m a prospective high school student from Virginia looking to go to Florida for college. I do plan on staying in Florida after I graduate college and I’m not sure if Virginia accepts out-of-state auto insurance. So would I need to get Florida auto insurance and change my plates over to Florida when I’m an out-of-state college student? Or would I need to after I graduate college in Florida and when I become a Florida resident?

Jan 16, 2020 Suffolk, VA

Kristine Lee

Jan 16, 2020

Florida law states that if you are in the state for over six months of the year, you need to register and tag the vehicle there. To do so, you will require PIP (as Florida is a no-fault state) and liability insurance. Check out our page on car insurance in Florida to learn more about the state's requirements and average costs. Any time you move between states, you need a new car insurance policy specific to your new address. This includes if you're living away from home as a student.

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