Removing a claim from my insurance record

is it possible to remove a claim from your record, if you've never driven or owned the vehicle in question? I'm 24 and i'm not sure what happened. I noticed my insurance premium went far higher than normal. I also recently found out that my younger brother was in an accident a few months ago. In another vehicle that I don't own or insure. My father pays for his own cars and insurance. The only thing they had was his phone number after the accident which is tied to my account there, as it is under my family plan.

Apr 7, 2018 Salem, Oregon

Ava Lynch

Apr 7, 2018

I would recommend getting what's called a CLUE Report. This is a comprehensive loss report. It would show your entire loss history with your name. Show this to your insurance company to prove you did not have an accident. This should remove the claim you are being rated for. Best of luck.

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