Will filing a full glass coverage claim to repair my windshield cause my premiums to rise or count as a claim at renewal?

I was driving and a rock caused a crack in my windshield that I'm told will inevitably grow so replacing my windshield is the only fix (it was too big to fill). Will doing a full glass coverage claim increase my premiums on renewal or when I comparison shop?

Jul 27, 2017 Wallingford, CT

Neil Richardson

Jul 27, 2017

While excessive claims can cause your rate to increase or impact your ability to find coverage with other companies, one single glass claim is unlikely to cause much, if any, impact. Generally, glass claims are the least likely to cause a rate increase or a non-renewal with your current company. If you had multiple glass claims within a 3 year period, normally more than 3, you may have an issue, but you shouldn't have to worry about this particular claim.

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