How smart home tech startups are making homes more intelligent

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These days, smart technology is an essential component of our everyday lives. How would we know what to do if we got lost without trusty Google Maps at the ready? How could we get around cities without summoning an Uber or Lyft at the touch of a button? In fact, most college kids today have never lived in a world without the modern Internet!


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The integration of technology has also spread to our home utilities, appliances, safety features, and even kitchen gadgets. Startups are constantly developing new and innovative ways to make our home life as easy, efficient and connected as possible. Flipping on the light switch or unlocking the front door are fast becoming things of the past, as the Internet of Things (IoT) automates these routine tasks.

Not only have smart home technology startups enabled homeowners to automate many actions, but they also allow homes to be safer and more energy efficient than ever before. Though they didn’t all make it past the startup phase, each of these companies shaped the way we think about smart home technology and paved the way for future entrepreneurs to expand on their creativity.


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Smart home technology startups make owning a home easier than ever, and these incredible innovations aren’t likely to stop anytime soon. From energy-saving appliances to automated home assistants, they lead to increased connectivity and additional control of our environment.

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