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Grace period for adding new vehicle with Progressive

I have progressive insurance and full coverage on 2 vehicles, do I have a grace period to add a car i just bought to my policy? I was pulled over in Scappose Oregon not even an hour after buying a car. I explained to the officer i had current full coverage on 2 other vehicles and that I had 30 days to add this car to my policy. He gas me a driving with no insurance ticket for 263 bucks.

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

For most major car insurance companies, you are correct. The state does not give any grace period to have the vehicle covered, but insurance companies will transfer coverage for a time frame – usually between 2-4 weeks. I’d call progressive and get proof of coverage called a letter of experience, add the vehicle to the progressive plan, and then get a bill of sale notarized or time stamped receipt from the dealer. Hopefully the court will be more understanding than this officer was and clear this ticket for you.

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