I scraped my car in a parking garage and it's a $1600 repair. Should I pay out of pocket or file an insurance claim?

I scraped the side of my car in a parking garage. It's a $1600 repair and I have a $500 collision and $100 comprehensive deductible. Should I file a claim with my insurer or pay out of pocket? How much is my rate likely to go up? Would this count as collision or comprehensive? I have a clean driving record, no tickets at all, and one other accident one year ago in which I was rear-ended at a stop sign and deemed not at fault. Thank you!

Jun 25, 2019 Los Angeles, CA

Kristine Lee

Jun 25, 2019

I would not file a claim. With your $500 deductible, your insurance company would pay out $1100 for the damages — but in California, your premium could also increase by 42% over three years if you're cited for an at-fault collision (which this would be considered as). You would save more money in the long run by paying for the damage out-of-pocket.

If there were no other parties involved and you accidentally damaged your own vehicle, we generally recommend you pay for the damages yourself.

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In a case where you are considered at-fault in an accident, in Virginia, your deductible should only apply if your vehicle was damaged and you want it repaired by your insurance company. The only other time you should be subject to a deductible in Virginia would be if you are filing an uninsured motorist property damage claim.
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Does car insurance cover a locksmith?

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Feb 9, 2017 Los Angeles, CA