Progressive Snapshot vs. Drivewise: Which is Best?

Which of these popular usage-based car insurance programs offers the most accurate tracking and best discounts?

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Progressive Snapshot vs. Drivewise from Allstate

Snapshot and Drivewise are optional usage-based insurance options from Progressive and Allstate, respectively, that use your driving behavior to price your policy. These programs attempt to price auto insurance for the way you drive, rather than who you are in a demographic sense. Despite their similar intention, these programs do vary. Let’s take a look at the differentiating factors.

  1. What is Drivewise from Allstate?
  2. Progressive Snapshot review
  3. Progressive Snapshot vs. Allstate Drivewise
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Allstate Drivewise review and summary

Allstate’s program works through the Drivewise app, which provides personal feedback based on how you drive. Through the mobile app, you can view your trips, your driving habits, and any corresponding rewards. You can earn rewards — discounts on your insurance policy — for exhibiting safe driving habits. With Drivewise, all "earnings" are retroactive. The more safely you drive, the more you’ll be rewarded at the end of your policy period (usually six months).

Drivewise calculates good driving behaviors based on:

  • Safe speeds: to earn maximum credit, keep your speeds under 80 miles per hour
  • Safe hours: avoid late-night trips, as these are considered riskier
  • Safe stopping: hard braking is penalized

While your potential for savings depends on your individual driving score, Allstate advertises:

  • Up to 10% off insurance rates for signing up
  • Up to 25% cash back after each six-month policy period
  • Allstate Rewards points

Allstate Drivewise telematics program: average six-month premiums

Average PremiumAverage Premium with Telematics

The Allstate Rewards program is a points system connected to Drivewise. The more safely drive, the more points you earn. These points can be used to save on everyday items and to enter sweepstakes.

For more information on Allstate, see our Allstate insurance guide. To learn more about Drivewise from Allstate, see our summary of telematics auto insurance.

How Progressive's Snapshot program work?

Using a mobile app or in-car Snapshot device supplied by Progressive, your driving habits are analyzed and used to generate a new insurance premium. Using this data, Progressive determines your premium based on:

  • Sudden changes in speed (hard braking and rapid accelerations)
  • Mileage
  • Mobile phone use (varies by state)

Your discount will depend on how you drive. If you’re a good driver, you should see some insurance savings. Progressive advertises an automatic $25 sign up bonus and average savings of $130 per six-month policy for participation.

Progressive telematics program: average six-month premiums

Average PremiumAverage Premium with Snapshot

For more information on Snapshot from Progressive, see our review of it here..

Progressive Snapshot vs. Allstate Drivewise: which is best?

That depends what you're looking for. The discount you get will depend on your driving habits, no matter which telematics provider you choose. There are some key differentiators worth considering when shopping for a usage-based insurance policy.

1. Do you want cash back or a discounted premium?

Drivewise from Allstate provides cash back discounts. Would you prefer cash back to a discounted monthly premium pricing model (Progressive Snapshot)?

2. Are you an existing customer?

Progressive Snapshot requires you carry an existing insurance policy with Progressive prior to participation, while Allstate Drivewise does not. If you’re interested in a trial experience, Allstate’s Drivewise might be an easier option.

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Other usage-based insurance policies

At the end of the day, the decision is up to you. If you’re interested learning more about usage-based insurance and telematics, see our additional articles below.

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