How much does INFINITI insurance cost?

The average monthly auto insurance cost for INFINITI owners is $185 or about $2,223 a year. This higher-than-average cost is no surprise considering Infiniti is considered a luxury division of Nissan with relatively high MSRPs, especially on newer vehicles.

While lots of factors go into determining your insurance rate, the make and model of the vehicle you drive is one of the biggest. Allied, American Family, and Nationwide are often among the cheapest insurers for drivers of newer INFINITI models.

With The Zebra, you can quickly compare INFINITI insurance quotes across hundreds of insurance companies to help find the best coverage for the best price, specifically for your vehicle:

Vehicle Model Average Annual Premium
Infiniti Q50 $2,282
Infiniti Q60 $2,386
Infiniti Q70 $2,547
Infiniti QX30 $1,884
Infiniti QX50 $1,870
Infiniti QX60 $1,966
Infiniti QX80 $2,282

INFINITI insurance rates by model: