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How to get affordable renters insurance in New Jersey

Renters insuranceis an optional but important insurance coverage. It keeps your stuff safe in the event your rental property suffers damage from a common incident. A renters insurance policy defends personal items in the event of fire or smoke damage, a wind storm, vandalism or theft and a variety of other misfortunes.

Unlike auto insurance, renters policies aren’t priced based on state-level legislation. Even so, there are surprisingly large variations in the cost of renters insurance policies from state to state. Policy prices by state may vary based on the number and cost renters policy claims filed across the state, and depend on the value of the belongings insured on the policy.

Renters insurance in New Jersey is less expensive than the US average. The typical annual renters insurance rate in New Jersey is $168, $16 less expensive than the average across America.

The best way to find affordable renters insurance in New Jersey is to view prices from as many companies as possible. Get an idea of renters insurance rates in New Jersey by reviewing the below data. Your rates may vary, depending on your coverage details and the value of your belongings.

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Renters insurance prices in New Jersey by company

Renters insurance prices in New Jersey can vary based on the insurer you select. Cumberland Insurance Group offers the most affordable renters insurance in New Jersey, at just $107 per year. This compares favorably to the state average cost of $168, providing a 36% price break on average policy costs statewide.

Begin the hunt for a renters policy by reviewing the most affordable New Jersey insurance companies, listed below.

InsurerAverage Yearly Rate in New Jersey
Cumberland Insurance Group$107
Narragansett Bay$120
State Farm$125
Preferred Insurance$139

New Jersey renters insurance costs by city

Not all New Jersey cities have the same renters insurance rates. Prices depend on city-specific variables, including the number of claims filed nearby, meaning your ZIP code could have a major impact on how much you pay.

The cheapest renters insurance rates in New Jersey are in Linden. The average renters insurance policy in Linden runs only $164 annually — $3 less than the statewide average. Reference the below table to see the cheapest cities in New Jersey for renters insurance.

CityAverage Annual Renters Insurance Rate
New Brunswick$167
Fort Lee$168

Are you looking for info on renters insurance for a particular city? Check out our breakdown of major metropolitan areas in New Jersey.

  1. Jersey City
  2. Newark

Renters insurance in NJ by coverage tier

The cost of your renters insurance depends on the amount of coverage you opt to carry. Two of the most common levels of renters insurance coverage are $25,000 and $50,000 property coverage. In New Jersey, the difference in annual premium between these two tiers is about $67. If you can afford to insure your personal property at this additional expense, it's worth considering.

Coverage LevelAverage Yearly Renters Insurance Rate in New Jersey
$25K Property$134
$50K Property$202

Tip: bundle auto and renters insurance in New Jersey

If you want to save on insurance, consider purchasing both your car and renters insurance policies from one company. A renters and auto insurance bundle in New Jersey can lead to substantial savings on your auto insurance bill. Purchasing bundled policies in New Jersey may generate average annual savings of $70.

Avg. Annual Rate (No Bundle)Avg. Annual Rate (w/ Bundle)Annual Savings ($)Annual Savings (%)

New Jersey renters insurance FAQs


Is renters insurance required in New Jersey?

New Jersey does not require renters insurance, and there is no state law that mandates it. However, it's almost always a requirement before you can rent a home from a landlord or property management company.

What does New Jersey renters insurance cover?

In New Jersey, renters insurance will replace personal belongings should they be destroyed, lost, or stolen. Most policies will also provide liability coverage, medical payments to others, and will cover temporary housing costs should your home be unihabitable.

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