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Auto insurance for high risk drivers in Wyoming

If you have caused a car crash, filed an insurance claim, or been handed a ticket for a serious violation, you could be a candidate for high-risk auto insurance. Car insurance for risky drivers is commonly costly, but the level of rate increase you face may depend on your company, your driving history, and the state in which you live.

Auto insurance rates for bad drivers in Wyoming — by violation:
  1. At-fault accidents
  2. Speeding
  3. Distracted driving
  4. Racing
  5. Reckless driving
  6. Wyoming driving laws

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What impact does an at-fault accident have on car insurance in Wyoming?


If you're deemed responsible for an auto collision, expect your auto insurance costs to rise. In Wyoming, the average insurance rate after an at-fault accident is $1,628, compared to the U.S. mean of $2,012. A serious incident like an at-fault collision will stay on your insurance record for up to three years.

Location With At-Fault Accident — Annual Rate No At-Fault Accident — Annual Rate Annual Rate Increase
Wyoming $1,628 $1,338 $290
National Average $2,012 $1,397 $615

The best car insurance company after an at-fault collision in Wyoming is State Farm. State Farm’s typical rate increase after an accident is $478, leading to a premium 29 percent less expensive than the average from all insurance companies. If you've been found at fault in a collision in Wyoming, avoid Mid-Century and Allstate, which typically charge more.

Company Annual Premium After an At-Fault Collision
State Farm $1,150
GEICO $1,773
SAFECO $1,847
Mid-Century $1,984
Allstate $2,167

By how much does a speeding citation raise car insurance rates in Wyoming?


One of the ways drivers earn the "high-risk" designation is speeding. In Wyoming, average car insurance rates rise by $428 per year following a speeding ticket, up to an average annual rate of $1,767.

Location With a Speeding Ticket — Annual Rate No Speeding Ticket — Annual Rate Annual Rate Increase
Wyoming $1,767 $1,338 $428
National Average $1,727 $1,397 $330

The foolproof way to find affordable car insurance after getting a ticket for speeding is to shop thoroughly and compare the options. The cheapest car insurance with a speeding citation in Wyoming is available via USAA. USAA’s average premium after a violation is $995 less than the state typical. If you're caught speeding in Wyoming, Allstate probably won't be your cheapest option.

Insurance Company Annual Premium After a Speeding Citation
USAA $772
State Farm $1,069
SAFECO $1,613
Mid-Century $1,784
Allstate $1,816


How does a distracted driving ticket impact car insurance costs in Wyoming?


If you receive a citation for distracted driving, your car insurance won't be cheap. In Wyoming, auto insurance rates typically go up by $146 per year. That comes out to an 11% increase from the typical yearly premium in Wyoming.

Location With Distracted Driving — Annual Rate No Distracted Driving — Annual Rate Annual Rate Increase
Wyoming $1,192 $1,338 $146
National Average $1,570 $1,397 $173

The best way to find inexpensive car insurance in the wake of a distracted driving citation is to compare carriers. The most affordable company after distracted driving in Wyoming is State Farm, with a typical rate of just $988 per year, 17% less than the average distracted driving insurance rate by all insurers.

Insurance Company Annual Rate After Distracted Driving
State Farm $988
GEICO $1,181
Allstate $1,626
Mid-Century $1,683

How does a citation for racing impact Wyoming car insurance rates?


Racing is considered a very serious infraction. Auto insurance providers usually penalize racing citations severely — in fact, Wyoming auto insurance prices increase by an average of $455 per year following a ticket for racing. That represents a 34% increase on the average yearly auto insurance rate in Wyoming!

Location With a Racing Citation — Annual Rate No Racing Citation — Annual Rate Per-Year Rate Increase
Wyoming $1,793 $1,338 $455
National Average $2,397 $1,397 $1,000

If you have been ticketed for racing, do your homework and seek out the most affordable rates. In Wyoming, start with State Farm, offering prices 40 percent cheaper than the state average after a racing citation.

Insurance Company Annual Rate After Racing
State Farm $1,069
GEICO $1,181
USAA $1,237
SAFECO $1,931
Allstate $1,953


How does a citation for reckless driving impact Wyoming car insurance rates?


One of the most serious moving violations, reckless driving is a surefire way to raise your insurance rates. Insurers increase rates by an average of $846 annually after reckless driving. That's 63% more than than the typical insurance rate in Wyoming, and 12% less than the national average price increase for reckless driving.

Location With Reckless Driving — Annual Rate No Reckless Driving — Annual Rate Annual Rate Increase
Wyoming $2,184 $1,338 $846
National Average $2,395 $1,397 $998

If you have a reckless driving offense on your record, compare a variety of companies to get the most affordable rate. In Wyoming, the cheapest carrier with a reckless driving ticket is USAA.

Insurer Annual Rate With Reckless Driving
USAA $1,020
State Farm $1,069
SAFECO $1,931
Allstate $1,953
GEICO $2,342

If you're looking for car insurance as a high-risk driver, the best thing to do is to do your research and find the policy that fits.

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Wyoming driving laws

Traffic laws in Wyoming are intended to prevent and penalize speeding, reckless and distracted driving, and racing. At-fault accidents in Wyoming are also subject to investigation, follow-up, and citations, particularly in the event an at-fault party does not carry insurance.


Speeding in Wyoming

When are you speeding In Wyoming?

In Wyoming, drivers are required to adjust their speed based on the conditions of the road. Drivers are deemed speeding in Wyoming if their speed exceeds the posted limits, or:

  • 75 miles per hour on interstate highways
  • 70 miles per hour on secondary highways
  • 30 miles per hour in residential areas
  • 30 miles per hour in business areas
  • 20 miles per hour in school zones
  • 15 miles per hour when approaching a blind intersection

Drivers in Wyoming must also maintain a reasonable minimum speed so as not to impede the normal flow of traffic.

Your speed must be reduced when approaching crossing, curves, hillcrests, or when driving in poor conditions.

Penalties for speeding in Wyoming

Wyoming does not use a points system to suspend or revoke driving licenses. Instead, two speeding offenses within one year in Wyoming will require the offender to attend a driving course.

More than three moving violations within one year will result in a license suspension for 90 days, plus 90 days for each subsequent conviction.

Speeding in Wyoming is a misdemeanor. A driver’s first conviction leads to:

  • Up to $200 in fines
  • Up to 20 days in jail

A second conviction for speeding in Wyoming within one year of a prior conviction results in:

  • Up to $300 in fines
  • Up to 30 days in jail

A third or subsequent conviction for speeding in Wyoming within a year of a prior offense leads to:

  • Up to $500 in fines
  • Up to six months in jail


Reckless driving in Wyoming

What counts as reckless driving in Wyoming?

Driving a vehicle with a “willful and wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property” is considered reckless driving in Wyoming. In other words, a person who chooses to disobey safe driving habits and the rules of the road is likely to be charged with reckless driving.

You may also be found guilty of careless driving in Wyoming. Careless driving is defined as driving without exercising “due and diligent care normally exercised by a reasonably prudent person under similar circumstances.”

Penalties for reckless driving in Wyoming

Reckless driving in Wyoming is a misdemeanor. Penalties for reckless driving in Wyoming are:

  • Up to $750 in fines (plus a surcharge of $150 or $300)
  • Up to six months in jail

In addition, a conviction for reckless driving in Wyoming results in a license suspension of:

  • 90 days for a first offense
  • Six months for a second offense within five years
  • One year for a third or subsequent offense within five years

A third reckless driving conviction within five years of a previous conviction results in license revocation.

Careless driving in Wyoming is also a misdemeanor. A driver’s first careless driving offense results in:

  • Up to $200 in fines
  • Up to 20 days in jail

A second conviction of careless driving in Wyoming leads to:

  • Up to $300 in fines
  • Up to 30 days in jail

A third or subsequent conviction of careless driving results in:

  • Up to $500 in fines
  • Up to six months in jail


Distracted driving in Wyoming

What is distracted driving in Wyoming?

Any activity that causes a driver to move his or her hands from the steering wheel or fail to pay attention to the road is considered distracted driving in Wyoming.

In 2017, 180 accidents in Wyoming were a result of cell phone use while driving. 377 accidents occurred because of in-vehicle distractions, 304 crashes because of outside distractions, and 51 because of distractions caused by other electronic devices.

Visual, manual, and cognitive distractions all contribute to distracted driving in Wyoming.

There is no outright ban against using wireless devices to make or receive calls while driving in Wyoming, however, some cities restrict or forbid usage. Texting while driving is not allowed unless a driver is using a hands-free function or selecting or entering a number to call.

Novice drivers are not allowed to use wireless devices in any capacity while driving in Wyoming.

Read here for more on texting and driving statistics.

Penalties for distracted driving in Wyoming

Distracted driving in Wyoming can lead to fines that cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. Offenders may even be charged with a misdemeanor and/or a charge of reckless or careless driving.

The maximum fine for texting while driving in Wyoming is $75.


Racing in Wyoming

What is racing in Wyoming?

It is illegal to engage in, aid, or abet in any speed or acceleration contest, exhibition, or racing in Wyoming. Racing in Wyoming is only permitted after approval from the governing body of whichever highway is planned to be the course for a race.

Penalties for racing in Wyoming

A conviction for racing in Wyoming is a misdemeanor and results in:

  • Up to $100 in fines
  • Up to 10 days in jail


At-fault accidents in Wyoming

What is an at-fault accident in Wyoming?

Wyoming is a fault-based state. After an accident, the fault is assigned to one or more involved parties to determine their liability for an accident. Any party with 51 percent or more fault for an accident is “barred” from recovering damages.

If you are deemed able to be awarded damages, your compensation is reduced by your fault for the accident. For example, if you are 30 percent at-fault for an accident, you would only recover 70 percent of your damages.

Following an accident, drivers must immediately alert law enforcement if there is an injury, death, or property damage amounting to $1,000 or more.

Wyoming drivers must always maintain liability insurance that covers at least:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death to one person
  • $50,000 for total bodily injury or death
  • $20,000 for property damage

Penalties for at-fault accidents in Wyoming

Failing to maintain proper insurance coverage (whether or not it leads to an at-fault accident) is a misdemeanor. A first conviction results in:

  • $500 to $1,500 in fines
  • Up to six months in jail

A second or subsequent conviction for failing to maintain insurance in Wyoming will result in the defendant’s surrender of registration and license plates to the county treasurer until a judge rules that the defendant has satisfied all legal obligations.

A driver’s license may also be suspended for being found guilty of driving without insurance.

Before your license is reinstated after an accident in which you are uninsured, you must do one of the following:

  • Submit a notarized release that states the other parties do not hold you liable for damage or you have made restitution to them
  • Submit a conditional release signed by you and other involved parties that states an agreement has been made for you to make restitution
  • Post a cash deposit for the total amount of property damage, plus $25, 000 per injury, which is refundable after one year from the crash if there is no judgment against you
  • Submit a signed and notarized affidavit one year after the crash stating that there are no unsatisfied judgments as a result of the crash

Leaving the scene of an accident that results in injury or death is a felony. On top of any fines and jail time, an offender’s license will be revoked for one year.


Sources and references:

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Auto insurance for high risk drivers in Wyoming

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