USAA vs Erie: Which is Better for You?

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USAA or Erie: Which company is best for you?

Selecting a car insurance company is difficult: rates vary based on your driving record, location, and age, and companies offer an array of discounts. USAA and Erie are two of the most popular car insurance companies, selling competitively priced coverage across large portions of the US.

In an effort to make insurance shopping seamless, we've collected average rates from Erie and USAA. The below cover a variety of rating factors, including credit rating, driving history, and age. Compare rates and find your next car insurance policy today.

Seeking additional insights? Consult our comprehensive reviews of USAA and Erie.


USAA vs. Erie: by credit level

If you have very poor credit, Erie could be a better option for you. On average, Erie offers lower rates than USAA for drivers with credit scores of less than 580. Drivers with exceptional credit — a score of 800 or better — should lean toward View common insurance rates by credit tier for Erie and USAA below.

Credit score USAA avg. annual premium Erie avg. annual premium
Very Poor (300-579) $2,682 $2,402
Fair (580-669) $1,247 $1,040
Good (670-739) $1,057 $894
Very Good (740-799) $910 $743
Exceptional (800-850) $840 $726

USAA vs. Erie: by citation

If you are saddled with an at-fault crash, speeding ticket, reckless driving violation, or DUI in your rear view mirror, Erie could be a better choice than USAA. Every insurer prices policies differently after a violation, so it's worth comparing quotes to find out which insurer is best for you.

Violation USAA avg. annual premium Erie avg. annual premium
At-fault accident (damage < $1,000) $1,304 $893
At-fault accident (damage > $1,000) $947 $772
DUI/DWI $1,952 $1,163
Reckless driving $1,472 $760
Speeding ticket $1,124 $747

USAA vs. Erie: by age

Auto insurance companies use a driver's age to outline risk potential, assigning rates on a sliding scale. Insurance is usually most expensive for teen drivers — due to their inexperience — and more affordable for drivers aged 25 or older. Because each insurance company rates ages uniquely, it's wise to compare rates and find great coverage.

As a general rule, teen drivers should choose Erie over USAA: the former's average annual rates are $626 less than the latter's..

Age USAA avg. annual premium Erie avg. annual premium
Teens $2,864 $2,238
20s $1,261 $1,108
30s $963 $1,108
40s $957 $755
50s $889 $692
60s $845 $676

Aside from finances, USAA and Erie each come with pros and cons, including discount programs, customer satisfaction ratings, add-ons, and financial stability. Be sure to shop around before settling on an option.

Discount Comparison USAA Erie
Good Student supported
Multiple Policies supported supported
Multiple Vehicles supported supported
Anti-Theft Device(s) supported
Anti-Lock Brake System supported
Air Bags supported
Good Driver supported supported
Defensive Driver supported supported
Student Away at School supported
Driver Training supported supported
Green Vehicles
Affinity Membership Alum
Advanced Purchase
Pay in Full supported
Home Owner
eSign or ePay
Telematics supported
New Vehicle supported
Annual Mileage supported
Military supported
Ratings Comparison USAA Erie
Financial Strength Question mark icon Superior Superior
JD Power Rankings Question mark icon Excellent Excellent
User Satisfaction Question mark icon 4.6/5 4.6/5
Other Products USAA Erie
Boat Insurance supported supported
Condo Insurance supported supported
Life Insurance supported supported
Homeowners Insurance supported supported
Travel Trailer Insurance supported supported
Renters Insurance supported supported
RV Insurance supported supported
Motorcycle Insurance supported supported
Mobile Home Insurance supported supported
Other Features USAA Erie
About USAA is known for their award-winning service, distinguished products and making their customers' needs a priority. Erie Insurance provides customers with the flexibility to customize their car insurance by offering over 30 extra policy features, along with the highest levels of customer service.
Roadside Assistance 24-hour roadside assistance is included in all of USAA's Extended Vehicle Protection programs. Pricing varies depending on which plan you select. Roadside assistance will pay up to $100 per occurrence of the following: towing service, flat tire change, emergency gas delivery, battery jump, and locksmith services. Substitute Transportation is available up to $250 per occurrence. Travel/Lodging Reimbursement is available up to $300 per occurrence. Erie provides 24-hour roadside assistance for an additional fee on your policy that covers reasonable auto towing and required labor cost at the site of your vehicle breakdown.
Additional Discounts USAA offers discounts for vehicles with daytime running lights and vehicles in storage, as well as a legacy discount for drivers under 25 years old whose parents have had USAA auto insurance. Erie offers an additional discount called "Reduced Usage" that provides a lower rate on your policy if your vehicle is unused for 90 consecutive days during the policy period.
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