North Carolina Renters Insurance

Finding renters insurance doesn’t need to be confusing. Compare North Carolina rates by city and company below.

Get cheap renters insurance in North Carolina

Renters insurance isn't required, but it is important. A renters policy keeps your personal items protected. A renters insurance policy covers belongings in the event of smoke or fire damage, a wind event, vandalism or theft, and an array of other events.

Unlike car insurance, renters policies aren’t priced based on state-level legislation. Even still, there are sometimes substantial variations in the cost of renters insurance by state. Renters insurance prices in US states diverge depending on the value and number of renters insurance claims filed in that particular state, and also on the value of the belongings covered by the policy.

Renters insurance in North Carolina is less expensive than the US average. The typical annual renters insurance rate in North Carolina is $175, $9 less expensive than in other states.

The best way to get a cheap renters insurance policy in North Carolina is to compare rates from as many insurers as possible. Learn more about typical renters insurance rates in North Carolina via the below breakdown. Your rates may vary, depending on your coverage details and the value of your belongings.

Renters insurance in North Carolina:

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Renters insurance prices in North Carolina by insurer

Rates for renters insurance in North Carolina vary depending on the insurance company you use. AAA provides the most affordable renters insurance in North Carolina, at only $108 per year. This beats North Carolina's mean cost of $175, offering a 38% discount on the typical rates in the state.

Begin the hunt for a renters policy by reviewing the most affordable North Carolina companies, detailed below.

CompanyAverage Annual Rate in North Carolina
North Carolina Farm Bureau$140.63
State Farm$168.02

North Carolina renters insurance costs: by city

Not all North Carolina cities have equal renters insurance rates. Rates depend on locally specific variables such as the number of claims filed nearby, meaning your ZIP code could have a major impact on how much you pay.

The best renters insurance rates in North Carolina are in Asheville. In Asheville, the typical renters insurance policy costs $122 annually — $12 less than the statewide average. Reference the below table to see the cheapest cities in North Carolina for renters insurance.

CityAverage 12-Month Renters Insurance Rate
Chapel Hill$133

North Carolina insurance bundling discounts: renters + auto

If you want to save on insurance, consider purchasing your renters and car insurance policies from the same company. A renters and car insurance bundle in North Carolina can save you a substantial sum each month on auto insurance. Bundling policies in North Carolina results in yearly savings of $40.

Avg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate (No Bundle)Avg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate (Bundle)Annual Bundle SavingsBundle Savings %

One of the best ways to save on auto insurance is to bundle policies. Get started today!

Looking for renters insurance info for a particular city? Check out our breakdown of the biggest metropolitan areas in North Carolina.

  1. Charlotte
  2. Durham
  3. Greensboro
  4. Raleigh
  5. Winston-Salem

North Carolina renters insurance FAQs

Is renters insurance required in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, your landlord will likely require you to have a renters policy, not the state. There is no state law that compels renters to have renters insurance, but it's an inexpensive way to safeguard your personal items should something happen to the rental.

Who offers renters insurance in North Carolina?

Many major insurance companies offer renters insurance. If you already have car insurance, you can consider bundling a renters policy with it for convenience and usually a small discount.

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