Can my brother in law use my car for a week?

I want to let my Brother in law drive my car for a week who is visiting from Chicago. He has valid US DL & auto insurance policy in Chicago. I have Oregon Mutual Auto Insurance policy and have myself and my wife currently added as drivers

Aug 24, 2018 Bothell, WA

Ava Lynch

Aug 24, 2018

He should be covered to drive your car as long as you have permissive use coverage. This means that someone can drive your car that does not live with you, as long as they have permission and it is not a regular occurrence. Since your brother in law does not live with you, your insurance should cover you. I would double check with your company to make sure you have a permissive use policy. If you do not, you can always add him to your policy, as a driver, while he is driving and then remove him once he is done. Good luck and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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