Do I still need uninsured motorist coverage if I have Medicare coverage?

Through Medicare and a supplement, I have complete health coverage. Is there any purpose of having uninsured motorist coverage?

Also, if I have collision insurance and am struck by an uninsured driver, is it correct that I am responsible only for my deductible? Is there anything I am missing?

Dec 4, 2019 Arcadia, CA

Ross Martin

Dec 4, 2019

You may still want to carry uninsured motorist coverage to avoid complications with medical bills if you are hit by an uninsured driver. It's good protection to have in place if your bills are high. 

On the issue of property damage, you are correct. Without uninsured motorist property damage coverage (UMPD), you would have to pay your collision deductible to have the vehicle fixed. Most companies do offer a collision waiver, however, which can be added to your policy for a reasonable addition to your premium.

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