Should I get gap insurance or is full coverage enough?

I am supposed to get a full coverage auto insurance and the bank is offering me gap insurance along with my loan, is it advisable to get it or is my auto insurance enough?

May 12, 2018 Detroit, MI

Ava Lynch

May 12, 2018

Gap insurance is designed to work with your comprehensive and collision coverage, not as a substitute. Basically, gap insurance will kick in if you total your vehicle and the amount you paid out by your insurance company isn't enough to cover the value of the loan. Most of the time, your loan or lease company will require you to have gap insurance to protect their investment. If you're loaning or leasing a vehicle, I recommend this coverage. If you can, see if your current car insurance company provides it and get an estimate. You can compare which is cheaper to the desired insurance from. Best of luck.

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