Will my rates increase if I hit a fence?

I lost control of my car and ran into someones fence. Will my car insurance cover the damaged fence and will my insurance rate go up?

Apr 21, 2018 Modesto, CA

Ava Lynch

Apr 21, 2018

If you have liability coverage on your vehicle, which your state requires, the damage will be covered. However, if you file a claim you will most likely suffer a rate increase for what your car insurance company would consider an at-fault accident. In California in 2017, the average rate increase after an at-fault accident was around 39%. Now, you need to consider this over 3 years, as that's how long it will stay on your insurance record. I would recommend getting an estimate for the damage to the fence prior to taking out a claim. Then you can compare the value of the claim compared to the value of the premium increase. Whichever is less financially difficult, do that.

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