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What's the average cost of car insurance in Moreno Valley?


The average cost of auto insurance in Moreno Valley is $1,931 per year. That's more than the average in California ($1,868) and more expensive than the national average of $1,548. Our guide to car insurance in Moreno Valley — researched and written by The Zebra's team of licensed insurance experts — includes average premiums based on age, credit score, driving history, and marital status. Read on for more information.

Moreno Valley Average (yearly) California Average National Average
$1,931 $1,868 $1,548
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Moreno Valley car insurance rates by provider


One of the most important determinants of your insurance rates is the car insurance company you work with. In Moreno Valley, GEICO provides the most affordable rates for the typical insurance customer. See below the best companies for cheap auto insurance in Moreno Valley — but don't forget to get personalized car insurance quotes to match your driving profile.

Insurance Company Average Annual Rate
GEICO $1,320
Mercury $1,399
Infinity $1,703
AAA $1,775
Alliance $1,964

Check out our guide to learn how to find the best cheap car insurance.


Moreno Valley car insurance premiums by age

The age group that pays the least for car insurance in Moreno Valley are drivers in their 60s ($1,714 per year). Drivers in their 50s pay marginally higher rates — $1,729 per year.

Teenage drivers pay Moreno Valley's most expensive insurance rates. When drivers hit their 20s in Moreno Valley and move out of the teenage age bracket, they reduce their premiums substantially. The gap in cost between the car insurance premiums paid by teenage drivers and drivers in their 20s in Moreno Valley is $4,207. That's the biggest gap in premiums between any pair of age brackets.

Age Average Annual Rate
Teenagers $7,053
20s $2,846
30s $1,879
40s $1,816
50s $1,729
60s $1,714
70s $1,981

Learn more about how age influences auto insurance rates.


Moreno Valley auto insurance costs by marital status and gender


Marital status and gender are contributing factors to car insurance rates in many cases. In Moreno Valley, married drivers pay $79 less than single drivers for car insurance. Married drivers enjoy less expensive rates than their single counterparts in most locations, based on data showing they file fewer insurance claims. 

Gender is another factor that may impact auto insurance costs. In Moreno Valley, female and male drivers pay the same premiums, on average. 

Marital Status/Gender Average Annual Rate
Female $1,931
Male $1,931
Single $1,852
Married $1,852
Divorced $1,931
Widowed $1,876


Moreno Valley car insurance costs by incident history


No matter where you live, keeping your driving record clean is a great way to keep your auto insurance rates low. Speeding tickets, reckless driving citations, DUIs and DWIs, and at-fault accidents all can trigger insurance rate hikes.

Moreno Valley drivers found guilty of reckless driving pay the price when it comes to auto insurance, facing a rate increase of $3,356 per year versus the city average. A ticket for speeding results in a $792 rate hike, on average, while a DUI violation can cost $3,267 per year in insurance premiums.

Violation/Incident Average Annual Rate
DUI/DWI $5,198
Reckless Driving $5,287
At-fault Accident (damages less than $1,000) $1,938
At-fault Accident (damages > $2,000) $3,374
Speeding Ticket (16-20 mph over speed limit) $2,723

Get more info on how a bad driving history can impact your car insurance costs.


Moreno Valley auto insurance rates by credit score


A driver's credit level can be closely correlated with their auto insurance rates. However, California forbids auto insurance companies from using a driver's credit history to price premiums. 

Compare rates from top insurance companies.

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