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Can I remove a vehicle from my policy if it is broken down?

My daughter is listed on my policy along with her car that isn't currently running, and we don't know if it is worth fixing or getting a new one. Can I remove it from my policy while we decide?  

Jul 13, 2017 Pensacola, FL

Neil Richardson

Jul 13, 2017

If the vehicle isn't being driven then you don't have to insure it. However, Florida requires any registered vehicle to be insured so you may need to suspend the vehicle registration as well if you decide to remove it from your policy. I would recommend contacting the registration office for more information on that. If you do decide to fix it, or if she ends up getting a different car, you simply have to contact your insurance provider to add the vehicle back to your policy. Make sure, however, to not remove your daughter from your policy if she is going to continue to drive other vehicles.

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Can I insure a vehicle that I don't own?

Great question! You are correct that you will need a separate policy from your mom since you don't live together. As far as insuring the vehicle under your name, you shouldn't have a problem doing so.
Aug 29, 2018 Abilene, TX

Should I cancel my policy if I sold my vehicle and won't be getting another car for a month?

Canceling your auto insurance when you sell a vehicle sounds like a good idea until you realize the potential pitfalls of doing so. While it may not make sense to maintain auto insurance when you no longer own a vehicle, consider the fact that you still have to have insurance to test drive a vehicle that you are thinking about purchasing.
Mar 9, 2016 Lincoln, NE

Does having car insurance build credit?

You are correct that, in the majority of states, credit has an impact on your overall rate. However, maintaining car insurance and paying your bill on time will not result in a significant impact on your credit score like making timely credit card payments.

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