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Do I have to tell my car insurance company about my lien?

When I sign up for insurance they are aware of the lien on my vehicle and who the lienholder is right?

Apr 4, 2018 Buffalo, NY

Ava Lynch

Apr 4, 2018

Insurance companies do not know who the lien holder would be without it being provided. A lot of agents will ask for it when they write the policy if they know. Also finance companies commonly call the insurance you provide them and will get their info listed. Have a great day!

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Why does my dealership require my lienholder/bank be listed on my insurance to take my car home?

When you finance a vehicle it is owned by the bank or lender until you have paid the full balance of the loan. The bank or lender requires that they be listed on your insurance policy before you take possession of the vehicle so if the vehicle happens to be totaled as soon as you drive off the lot, or at any point in time during your loan period, your insurance provider knows to pay them first to cover your balance.
Apr 15, 2016 Pittsburgh, PA

Can I get car insurance if my spouse has a revoked license?

Most companies will not insure a driver with a revoked license, even if there is a driver on the policy whose license is valid. Your spouse must be listed on your policy since you are married, but she does not have to be covered as a driver.
Sep 12, 2016 Walden, NY

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