FR-44 car insurance defined

An FR-44, also known as an FR44, is a certificate proving a driver is carrying active liability insurance at or in excess of the legal minimum. The "FR" stands for “financial responsibility.”

Liability requirements for an FR-44 certificate are higher than the state minimum or SR-22 requirements. An FR-44 is not actually a form of car insurance, but proof of car insurance. A driver's location and driving history will determine whether or not they need an FR44 filing for insurance.

This relatively common insurance requirement can be brought about by a citation like a DWI or DUI, a driving-without-insurance violation, a collision resulting in substantial property damage, a citation for driving with a suspended license, or as a result of gathering too many license points.


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In which states are FR-44s required for insurance?

States in which FR-44s are commonly required are Florida and Virginia. FR-44s are similar to SR-22s, another common car insurance requirement. 

Learn more about FR44 insurance requirements in specific states:


How to get an FR-44 without a car

If you don’t own a vehicle, acquiring proof of car insurance coverage can be tricky. One of the best options is non-owners car insurance. A non-owner auto insurance policy is what it sounds like: a liability-only policy for people who do not own a vehicle but want insurance. If you’re borrowing a friend’s vehicle and get into an at-fault accident, you could use this coverage to pay for any damages you cause.

This policy only provides liability coverage: the damage you do to other people and their property. Liability-only coverage provides no physical protection for the motor vehicle you are driving.

A non-owners policy is not only a solution for lifting an FR-44 requirement. It can be a good way to limit your premiums while you’re waiting for a violation to fall off your insurance record. Non-owners policies tend to be cheaper than standard policies, as they provide only liability coverage.

Non-owners car insurance can be hard to find. Most online resources will require you to enter vehicle information in order to get car insurance quotes. If you’re interested in getting a quote or policy for non-owners coverage, contact The Zebra's insurance agency.

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