Temporary Auto Insurance in Minnesota

Learn more about the pluses and minuses of short-term car insurance policies.

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If you want a flexible car insurance policy, you might want to cut the terms of your agreement to as brief a time-frame as possible. However, short-term car insurance contracts are rare for a few reasons.

Most major insurance companies don’t draw up policies for fewer than six months. Since car insurance is required by law in every state but one, there's some risk associated with swapping policies every month. You also run the risk of creating gaps in your auto insurance record if you swap policies often, leading to higher premiums in the long run.

There's some good news: auto insurance contracts typically run just half of a year. This relatively brief duration allows insurance companies to re-rate — or re-price — your costs using your recent driving profile and personal profile.

The six-month mark also gives you a perfect chance for you to improve your insurance by checking out other insurers. Getting quotes online costs nothing, and there’s no penalty for moving between insurers when your policy period ends — or even mid-policy, as long as you don't let your insurance end.

The flexible nature of car insurance means it's relatively easy to find with limited advance notice. If you require a policy before you can drive your new car off the lot, shopping for a policy for a longer-term car rental or searching for coverage on a car you don't own but drive regularly, think about purchasing a policy and ending the term as needed.



Temporary auto insurance in Minnesota

See below typical auto insurance premiums in Minnesota, organized by top auto insurance companies and major cities. If your premiums exceed the rates listed below, think about shopping around.

Insurance CompanyAverage 6-Month RateAverage Monthly Rate
Minnesota State Average — All Companies$660$110
Farm Bureau Mutual$406$68
Auto-Owners Insurance$589$98
American Family$654$109
State Farm$682$114

The most budget-friendly option for single-month auto insurance in Minnesota is Farm Bureau Mutual, with whom you can save $30 per month, compared to the next-best choice, Auto-Owners Insurance. In Minnesota, the average monthly price of car insurance is $110, or $660 over a six-month period.

Where you live has as great an effect on your car insurance premiums as the insurance company you choose. Car insurance companies take into account the number of local insurance claims when assigning rates by ZIP. Check out insurance prices in the largest Minnesota cities and compare against what you’re paying.

LocationAverage 6-Month RateAverage Monthly Rate
St. Paul$832$139

Because so many factors are involved in setting insurance rates, your quotes may not match the totals displayed above. If your current rates don’t align with those listed above, take some time to weigh your options. The short-term nature of a car insurance policy enhances the importance of remaining informed and willing to shop.

Find out more about temporary car insurance or use our search function to compare quotes for free online.


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