Do I buy a car first or insurance first?

I'm 18 and buying my first vehicle. I'm still not sure what truck I'm going to get and the salesman at the dealership said that I need insurance for the vehicle if I want to buy it. How am I supposed to buy insurance if I don't know what vehicle I will end up with?

Feb 23, 2016 Nashville, TN

Neil Richardson

Feb 23, 2016

This can be a bit confusing your first time around so I should be able to help. Your best bet is to first determine which vehicle you will be purchasing. From there you can get a quote on that specific vehicle to know what rate you will be paying on your insurance. After that you will purchase the car and the dealership will then require that you purchase the insurance for the vehicle before you leave the lot. Shop for the vehicle, shop for the insurance, buy the vehicle, then purchase the insurance. If you follow that order then you will avoid a mountain of headache.

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