What can I do if someone hit my car and left a note but they won't answer or return my calls?

I came out to my vehicle yesterday morning and saw that someone had left a huge dent on the passenger side fender. There was a note on my windshield with a name and phone number, but when I call no one answers. What can I do?

Jun 13, 2017 Austin, TX

Neil Richardson

Jun 13, 2017

Your best bet would be to contact your insurance provider. They may even recommend that you contact the police to file a report about the incident. Your insurance provider should cover your damage, assuming you have uninsured motorist or collision coverage, and will then subrogate (negotiate to be reimbursed for any repair payments) with the other driver's insurance company. Provide them with the other party's contact information and any other details you have handy to assist them in rectifying the situation. If you are asked to pay a deductible for the repair, make sure to ask your insurance company if that will be reimbursed.

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