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Can I use my parent's address if my college zip code is causing my rate to increase?

I have 'B' or better in all of my classes. No accidents no or tickets. My parents are over 60 and live in better zip code insuring 3 cars. I live off-campus, but my car is parked on campus all the time. Can I use their address for a better rate?

Sep 27, 2017 New Haven, CT

Neil Richardson

Sep 27, 2017

The zip code where the vehicle is primarily kept is what needs to be used for insurance purposes. Depending on your age, company, and residential state, you may have been able to stay on your parent's policy, but since you now live off-campus you will have to use the address where you live. Using a different zip code is essentially insurance fraud because the location where the vehicle is kept plays a big factor in determining the risk exposure for the vehicle.

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