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If someone keyed my car and I file a claim, will my insurance rates go up?

My car was vandalized when it was in a parking lot. I came outside to find that someone had keyed the paint and knocked off one of the side mirrors. I want to get it fixed, but I've never filed a claim before and I'm worried about my rates increasing because of the damage. Is filing a claim worth it?

Jan 6, 2022 Plano, TX

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Beth Swanson

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I'm sorry to hear this happened to your vehicle! I would recommend getting a repair estimate before filing a claim so you've got plenty of information to base your decision on. This damage to your car would be considered an act of vandalism, which falls under comprehensive coverage. Check your declarations page (or call your agent) if you aren't sure what level of coverage you have. If you only carry liability, for example, vandalism won't be covered.

With comprehensive coverage, you'll have a deductible amount that you're responsible for paying before the insurance kicks in. This varies by policy, but it might be $500 or $1,000, as these are common deductible amounts for auto insurance. If the cost to repair your car is less than your deductible, then it is probably easiest to simply pay for the repairs out-of-pocket without filing a claim.

A comprehensive claim normally doesn't impact your rate as much as a collision claim does (collision is the coverage you use if you're in an accident), so I wouldn't be too worried about your overall rate. According to our research, a comprehensive claim increases your rates by about $36 for a six-month policy, so about $72 per year. Ultimately, the decision is completely up to you and depends on your specific coverage. Best of luck!

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