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If someone keyed my car and I file a claim, will that make my insurance go up?

I came outside to find that someone had keyed my car and knocked off one of the side mirrors. I want to get it fixed, but I’ve never filed a claim before and I’m worried about my rates increasing because of the damage.

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

I would recommend getting a repair estimate first. This way you will have more information to base your decision on. The damage would probably be considered vandalism so you’d have to pay your comprehensive deductible before the insurance company would pay for any repairs. A comprehensive claim normally doesn’t impact your rate the way a collision claim would (collision is the coverage you use if you’re in an accident), so I wouldn’t be too worried about your overall rate. If you can afford to fix the damage yourself then I would probably try to avoid filing a claim, but that decision is completely up to you.

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