Do I have to file a claim with my renters insurance company if my apartment was flooded by an upstairs neighbor?

My neighbor's washer flooded my apartment while I was out of town. It was a slow leak from the ceiling for several days, and it damaged my apartment unit and some of my belongings. What should I do?

Mar 14, 2017 Naperville, IL

Neil Richardson

Mar 14, 2017

For the purpose of getting your belongings replaced as quickly as possible, I would definitely recommend contacting your renters insurance provider immediately. While your neighbor will likely be considered liable for the water leak, your insurance company should be able to act quickly to replace your items and even provide a temporary place to stay while your apartment is being repaired. Your insurance company will likely subrogate with your neighbor's company for your personal items, but that should have no affect on your ability to receive compensation for your loss.

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