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How much does car insurance cost in Richmond?

Richmond residents can expect to pay an average of $815 for a six-month car insurance policy or $136 per month. Our 2024 data indicates that Penn National offers the most cost-effective car insurance in Richmond, with rates starting at just $431 for a six-month policy. On average, drivers in Virginia allocate around $756 every six months for car insurance.

Comparatively, Richmond's average rates are lower than the national average of $880. Interestingly, 36% of our customers in Richmond utilize our service because they were paying too much for car insurance. If you need assistance with your car insurance, read on to discover insights on determining a fair rate in Richmond based on factors such as credit score, coverage level, and more.


Car Insurance in Richmond vs. Virginia Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Richmond Average $815
Virginia Average $756

The cheapest car insurance companies in Richmond

1st place medal
1st place: Penn National

Penn National is the cheapest at $72 per month or $431 for a six-month policy.

2nd place medal
2nd place: USAA

USAA comes in second at $86 per month, or $515 per six-month policy.

3rd place medal
3rd place: Nationwide

If you don't qualify for USAA, Nationwide came in as a close third and costs $96 per month ($576 for six months).

The Zebra's key takeaways about car insurance in Richmond:

  • The average cost of a car insurance policy in Richmond is $815 per six-month policy — or $136 per month.
  • The cheapest company in Richmond is Penn National ($431 every six months).
  • 36% of Zebra customers in Richmond stated they used our product because they were paying too much for car insurance.

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?

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Richmond car insurance rates by company

Richmond's residents seeking affordable car insurance will be pleased to discover that, based on our 2024 data, Penn National claims the top spot. Their average monthly rate amounts to $431, resulting in a six-month policy priced at $72. USAA takes a close second, matching the monthly premium of $86 or a total of $515 for six-month coverage.

To gain deeper insights into the most reputable car insurance companies, consult The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Cheapest car insurance companies in Richmond, VA
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Penn National $431
USAA $515
Nationwide $576
State Farm $661
GEICO $680
Progressive $896
Allstate $1,128

The Zebra’s Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool data methodology

The Zebra’s Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool for home and auto insurance rates utilizes the latest ZIP code-level rate filings from across the U.S., sourced from Quadrant Information Services and S&P Global. These filings, typically updated annually or biennially by insurers, are verified through Quadrant’s QA process and then integrated into The Zebra’s estimator.

The displayed rates are based on a dynamic home and auto profile designed to reflect the content of the page. This profile is tailored to match specific factors such as age, location, and coverage level, which are adjusted based on the page content to show how these variables can impact premiums.

For a comprehensive understanding, see our detailed methodology.

Shop around for the best rates

Finding which company offers the most affordable coverage for you means doing a thorough comparison. Our meticulous evaluation will handle all the arduous groundwork for you. Simply input your ZIP code to swiftly uncover the rates provided by Progressive, Allstate, USAA, State Farm, and other esteemed insurers, enabling you to effortlessly pinpoint the superior and most economical car insurance choices available in Richmond.

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Average car insurance in Richmond by rating factor

The cost of car insurance premiums is influenced by rating factors, which are utilized by insurance companies as their evaluative criteria. These factors can include variables such as age, credit score, driving history, and the type of vehicle driven. While certain rating factors hold more significance than others, all of them have the potential to impact the amount you pay for insurance.

Ultimately, rating factors are subject to change, which means that the best car insurance company for you can also change. Therefore, it is advisable to periodically explore different providers to ensure that you are still receiving the most competitive rates available.

Q: I didn't have an accident — Why is my insurance going up?

A: In Richmond, your car insurance premiums is significantly influenced by the end-of-year earnings, wherein the revenue derived from premiums is juxtaposed against the expenses incurred in meeting the claims of insured individuals. Even if you have not filed any claims with your insurance provider, it is plausible that you could face higher costs with a specific company due to the rising expenses associated with conducting business in Richmond.

Auto insurance premiums by age in Richmond

Let's start by discussing one of the most important factors in the insurance business that affects rates: age. Typically, teenagers have the highest accident rates among any age group, which leads to higher premiums for them. This is true in Richmond where the difference in 6-month rates paid by teenage drivers and drivers in their 20s is a whopping $1,625, or 147%. Take a look at the table below to find the insurance companies that offer the cheapest rates for teenagers in Richmond.

Cheapest car insurance companies for teen drivers in Richmond, VA
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
USAA $1,646
Penn National $1,669
GEICO $2,033
Nationwide $2,113
State Farm $2,572
Allstate $2,924
Progressive $4,605
Age Bracket Cheapest Companies Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
20s Penn National $640
30s Penn National $436
40s Penn National $395
50s Penn National $365
60s Penn National $383
70s Penn National $444

Zebra Tip: The cheapest companies for Richmond drivers between ages 20 and 30 are Penn National, USAA and Nationwide

Based on our analysis, the driving population in Richmond is largely comprised of individuals aged 20-29. On average, this group pays around $1,102 every six months for insurance coverage. By choosing these insurance companies, there is a potential for savings of approximately 36% for these specific demographics.

Auto insurance premiums for minimum coverage in Richmond

When it comes to your car insurance premium, the level of coverage you opt for carries significant weight. Each state imposes specific requirements for the minimum coverage you must carry, and selecting this lower level typically translates to lower premiums. Intriguingly, our data indicates that a noteworthy 35% of drivers in Richmond have chosen to maintain the minimum coverage level. While this option may be budget-friendly, it also exposes you to the potential risks of being underinsured.

Conversely, "full coverage" insurance, which encompasses collision coverage and comprehensive coverage, commands higher premiums but offers enhanced protection in the unfortunate event of an accident. Both of these coverages entail a deductible, which is the amount you must personally pay before your insurance coverage kicks in.

Additionally, it is worth considering other optional coverages such as roadside assistance or uninsured motorist coverage. Although opting for more coverage results in higher premiums, experts at The Zebra strongly advocate for taking advantage of these opportunities, as they provide substantial protection for both you and your vehicle.

Q: Can I lower my car insurance coverage?

A: Possibly — if your vehicle is paid off.

There is a possibility, but only if your vehicle has been paid off completely. Based on our data analysis, it has been determined that nearly half of drivers in Richmond are vehicle owners. If you are not currently leasing or financing your vehicle, it is advisable to assess whether dropping comprehensive or collision coverage is the right decision for you. It is recommended to determine the actual cash value of your vehicle by utilizing reputable sources like Kelley Blue Book or another trusted resource. As a general guideline, if your vehicle's value is below $4,000, it is unlikely that collision coverage is necessary. However, it is important to consider that by removing these coverages, you will be responsible for paying for any necessary repairs out of your own pocket.

Cheapest car insurance companies for minimum coverage in Richmond, VA
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
USAA $207
Penn National $253
State Farm $285
GEICO $294
Nationwide $300
Allstate $382
Progressive $463
  • Minimum: State liability coverage only
  • Basic: State liability + collision and comprehensive (full) coverage
  • Better: Better liability limits at 50/100/50. Full coverage included with towing and rental car benefits. This might include additional personal medical benefits and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Best: Best liability limits at 100/300/50. Full coverage included with better towing and rental car benefits, better personal medical benefits and increased uninsured/underinsured coverage.

35% of our customers in Richmond opt for the minimum level of coverage, but this may not be the best option for everyone. Although we acknowledge that selecting this option is cost-effective, it does expose you to the potential of damages surpassing your liability limits. Virginia's liability limits of 30/60/20 offer coverage up to $30,000 per person for bodily injury, $60,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $20,000 for property damage. While these limits may prove satisfactory for typical car accidents, they may fall short in the case of bodily injury claims or accidents involving multiple vehicles.

Learn more about insurance laws in Virginia.

Richmond car insurance rates by credit score

Virginia, while the consideration of credit scores as a rating factor has been abandoned by some states, maintains the practice of incorporating this value in policy evaluations. The credit score has historically provided valuable insights into drivers' propensity to file claims — those with lower credit scores show a greater tendency for engaging in risky driving behaviors, encountering coverage gaps, and initiating claims.

Consequently, insurance companies perceive a lower credit score as an increased risk to insure. Interestingly, Richmond drivers with poor credit (300-579) encounter a noteworthy 105% escalation in insurance costs compared to drivers with excellent credit (800-850). Our gathered data indicates that a significant portion of drivers in Richmond possess an "average (580-679)" credit score. For the year 2024, Penn National stands out as the most cost-effective option for Richmond drivers falling within this credit category.

car insurance in Richmond by credit score

Auto insurance rates with an at-fault accident

The most commonly reported claim type in insurance is a collision-type accident. In Richmond, an at-fault accident can result in a monthly rate increase ranging from $52 to $69. Penn National is the most affordable insurance company in Richmond after an at-fault accident. The most effective approach to maintain lower auto insurance premiums is by striving to avoid accidents and citations as best as possible, regardless of your location.

Depending on the type of accident or ticket, your premium will be impacted for a duration of three to five years. More serious charges like DUIs and DWIs can have a prolonged impact on your record. Speeding citations, reckless driving charges, and accidents all significantly contribute to the increase in premiums.

Cheapest car insurance companies after an at-fault accident in Richmond, VA
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Penn National $612
USAA $741
State Farm $849
Nationwide $908
GEICO $1,000
Progressive $1,521
Allstate $1,678

Richmond car insurance rates by violation

Below you can see how much different violations and claims will increase your rate in Richmond.

Car insurance rate increases after violations and citations in Richmond, VA
Accident/Violation Avg. 6 Mo. Premium % Rate Increase $ Rate Increase
None $815 0% $0
One Med/PIP claim $817 0% $2
Not-at-fault accident $843 3% $28
Two Med/PIP claims $873 7% $57
One comp claim $874 7% $59
Two comp claims $919 13% $104
Failure to show documents $935 15% $120
Driving without lights $953 17% $138
Child safety restraint $960 18% $145
Driving with expired registration $966 19% $151
Failure to wear a seat belt $977 20% $162
Failure to yield $991 21% $175
Driving too slowly $991 22% $176
Cell phone violation $992 22% $177
Texting while driving $992 22% $177
Failure to stop at a red light $993 22% $178
Wrong way/wrong lane $994 22% $179
Illegal turn $995 22% $179
Following too closely $995 22% $180
Speeding in school zone $995 22% $180
Improper passing $998 22% $182
Speeding 6 - 10 MPH over limit $1,001 23% $186
Speeding 16 - 20 MPH over limit $1,017 25% $201
Speeding 11 - 15 MPH over limit $1,017 25% $201
Passing school bus $1,043 28% $228
Speeding 21 - 25 MPH over limit $1,081 33% $266
In 65 MPH zone $1,114 37% $299
Open container $1,114 37% $299
At-fault accident - less than $1000 $1,128 38% $313
Operating a vehicle without permission $1,206 48% $391
At-fault accident - $1000-$2000 $1,225 50% $410
At-fault accident - greater than $2000 $1,231 51% $416
Reckless driving $1,456 79% $641
Racing $1,527 87% $712
Refusal to submit to a chemical test $1,636 101% $821
DUI $1,636 101% $821
Driving with a suspended license $1,708 110% $893
Leaving scene of an accident/hit and run $1,730 112% $915

Why is car insurance in Richmond so expensive?

Compared to the national average, car insurance premiums in Richmond are slightly more affordable, but still higher than the average for Virginia. Richmond can thank a saturated insurance market and low auto repair prices for its lower-than-average rates. Still, drivers might experience pricey premiums due to individual factors or national rising insurance costs.

Let's explore some reasons why car insurance in Richmond can get so expensive. 


Your residential location within Richmond plays a role in determining the cost of your car insurance. Besides your driving history and age, where you live is one of the primary factors that contribute to your insurance premiums. Variations in insurance rates by zip code are influenced by factors such as crime, theft, and the presence of uninsured motorists. Fortunately, Richmond maintains a relatively safe environment, with a lower crime rate compared to the national average. 

Expensive Richmond ZIP codes: 23222, 23220, 23224, 23223, 23298

Cheap Richmond ZIP codes: 23250, 23235, 23173, 23236, 23237

Number of drivers

While you may boast a spotless driving record and drive with the utmost caution, it's important to recognize that insurance rates aren't always under our control. Our data indicates that approximately 35% of drivers in Richmond currently lack insurance coverage. Although this figure may not be the highest compared to other cities in Virginia, it remains a significant proportion. Insurance companies take such information into account when assessing the risk associated with a particular area.


Virginia is also in a somewhat precarious location as far as severe storms. In 2022, the Virginia Beach metropolitan area ranked in the top ten locations in the U.S. for both storm surge risk and hurricane wind damage risk.[1] While Richmond itself is somewhat insulated, large losses in other parts of the state could impact rates. Insurers take climate into account when calculating rates, so areas with risk of hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters typically pay more than areas of the country that are lower risk. 

Zebra Tip: Comprehensive coverage and uninsured property damage coverage are good to have in Richmond

For cities or ZIP codes characterized by a significant presence of uninsured drivers, it is recommended to opt for uninsured motorist coverage (UMPD) in your insurance plan. This coverage ensures that you receive assistance in the event that you or your vehicle suffer damages caused by an underinsured or uninsured driver. UMPD coverage typically entails a lower deductible and is a more economical choice compared to collision coverage. Additionally, the rate increase after filing a UMPD claim is notably more affordable than that resulting from a collision claim, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

Bundling insurance policies in Richmond

The price of car insurance has been consistently increasing year after year, but there are still effective ways to cut down on expenses. One such method is to bundle multiple insurance products together with a single provider, which often results in a multi-policy discount. Most insurance companies offer this discount, so even if you are obtaining quotes from various providers, it is worth considering the option of bundling.

The most popular combination for bundling is homeowners and auto insurance, potentially enabling you to save 10% or more on the combined premiums. If you currently have separate policies for your home and car, it is advisable to explore bundling possibilities to determine if you can achieve significant savings. Find out more about the benefits of bundling home and car insurance.

bundling home and auto insurance in Richmond
Cheapest car insurance companies for bundling home and auto insurance in Richmond, VA
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Penn National $385
Nationwide $433
USAA $482
State Farm $539
GEICO $649
Progressive $771
Allstate $913

While certain rating factors may be beyond your influence, there are actions you can take to present a more appealing driving profile to insurance providers. One of the primary methods is to engage in thorough shopping around and compare auto insurance quotes from multiple companies, ensuring that you secure the most favorable rate for your coverage and service needs. It is recommended to adopt this practice at each renewal period, particularly if personal factors such as age, credit score, and location have experienced changes. It is important to acknowledge that certain companies inherently have higher premiums than others, so do not hesitate to consider switching providers.

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Frequently asked questions

The average cost of a six-month auto insurance policy in Richmond amounts to $815 which is equivalent to $136 per month. This surpasses both the national and Virginia averages, indicating higher insurance rates in the area.

The average teen driver in Richmond pays $2,727 per six-month policy. This is substantially higher than any other age group, but not unexpected given the age group's higher accident rates.

Richmond residents seeking the most affordable car insurance rates should consider Penn National (the lowest), USAA, and Nationwide as their primary options. It's important to note that eligibility for USAA membership is not available to everyone and either Penn National or Nationwide offer great alternatives.

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