If I'm in between apartments, when do I need to change the address on my renters insurance?

My lease ends at the end of the month, but I have to move into my new apartment in a few days. Since I will still be liable for anything that happens in my old place and the new apartment complex requires I have renters insurance also, how to I cover both places? When do I update my policy?

Jun 1, 2017 Colorado Springs, CO

Neil Richardson

Jun 1, 2017

For the purpose of complying with your new apartment's landlord, it's best to change the address on your policy before you move in. This will satisfy the insurance requirement for your new place. That does not me that your old apartment is completely uncovered. Since a renters insurance policy provides coverage for your liability, even if you are away from home, you should still be covered. It's best to let your insurance company know about the specifics of your move just to ensure you aren't leaving yourself exposed, but moving before the end of a lease is quite common and should pose an issue for you or your company.

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