If I paid to have a window replaced on my car, can I submit the receipt to my insurance company for reimbursement?

Since I just leased my first car, I'm quite new to dealing with insurance companies (I've lived all my adult life in NYC and never had a car). Last night there was a robbery in our building and left me with a shattered rear window and stolen sweater. I just paid $200 for the window replacement. Will Geico (my insurance company) reimburse me for the cost to replace my window? Or will it make my insurance rate go up?

May 8, 2017 Santa Monica, CA

Neil Richardson

May 8, 2017

Since you are in California, glass claims should not impact your rate. You will want to make sure your policy includes comprehensive coverage (which it should since you are leasing the vehicle). If the cost to replace the window is less than your deductible, however, you aren't likely to be compensated for the window replacement. Or you may have separate glass coverage on your policy. I would recommend contacting your insurance company to ask specifically about how glass is covered by your policy since it shouldn't be held against you.

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