Car Insurance for Medical Professionals

Use our guide to find occupation-based car insurance discounts for medical professionals.

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What's the best car insurance for medical professionals?

If you’re in the medical field, you can save an average of $19 every six months thanks to your profession. Insurance companies see medical professionals — nurses, doctors, and pharmacists — as ideal clients based on their less risky driving habits. See below average auto insurance rates for drivers in the medical profession.

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We seenursesas the unsung heroes of the medical profession, and car insurance companies see them as high-quality clients. As a result, some insurance companies offer discounts to nurses based on their nursing school education or membership affiliation. This discount is dependent on state law and may range from 3% to 10%.



Insurance companies offer doctors discounted premiums based on years of insurance claims data exhibiting doctors' safe driving habits. Insurance companies see individuals with more education as more likely to drive carefully. Auto insurance companies reward drivers in professional occupations with discounts. This discount is dependent on state participation.



Insurances companies give discounts to pharmacists for the same reason as they do nurses and doctors: they're proven to be risk-averse drivers. Pharmacists, especially pharmacists with a PharmD or who are members of certain pharmaceutical organizations (like the American Pharmacists Association), can expect this discount via the following companies:


What to expect with profession-based discounts:

If you’re looking for a way to cut your car insurance premium in half, you're going to have to look elsewhere. Occupation-based discounts usually hover between 3% and 5% and aren't offered in many states. If you’re really looking to save on auto insurance, get quotes from as many companies as possible. Use The Zebra to compare rates from more than 200 companies at once. Get started today and see how much you can savee.


Recent Questions:

Car Insurance for Medical Professionals

Why do certain jobs pay less for car insurance?

The discount you are referring to is known as an "Affinity" or "Membership" Discount. Basically, insurance companies use historical data to prove that certain occupations equate to less risky drivers.