Best Car Insurance for First Responders

As a trained professional first on the scene, you assist and serve after a disaster. We're here to protect before one ever happens.

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What’s the best car insurance for first responders?

Being a first responder is an immense responsibility. While everyone else runs away from disaster and destruction, you answer the call for aid. So while you’re busy putting out fires, rescuing others, navigating floods, or whatever other obstacles your job throws at you, let us handle your car insurance. Here’s how to navigate car insurance as a first responder.

Let’s break it down by types of first responders:
  1. Firefighter
  2. Police Officers
  3. EMTs and Paramedics


Car insurance companies see firefighters as less likely to cause an accident or file a claim while operating a car. And because of this, they often present their firefighters with a reduced premium. While it varies by state and company, firefighters can expect a 3-10% discount if they are able to prove their affiliation with a local team. Here are some companies that offer discounts.

For more information on car insurance for firefighters, see our full guide here.

Police Officers

Police officers acute knowledge of the rules of the road make them prime customers for car insurance companies. For the most part, they abide by the rules of the road and drive cautiously and without distraction — all of which makes an insurance company quite happy. Because of this, police officers are often rewarded with a varied discount. Like being a firefighter, most insurance companies will require proof of your occupation or proof of membership to a law enforcement organization. Here are some companies that offer such discounts:

For more information on car insurance for police officers, see our full guide here.

EMTs and Paramedics

Just like the other first responders we have discussed, insurance companies see first responders as low maintenance and desirable customers. Thus, they offer some discounts based on your occupation. The amount and prevalence of the discount is dependent on your state so speak with your insurance company to see if they offer it.

If you’d like more information on car insurance for EMTs and paramedics, see our guide here.

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Based in Austin, TX, Ava has been in the insurance industry as a licensed agent for 4-plus years. Ava is currently one of The Zebra’s resident property insurance experts and has been featured in publications such as US News Report, GasBuddy, and Yahoo! Finance.