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How much does it cost to get car insurance in your 30s?

The average 30-year-old pays $770 for a six-month car insurance policy. This is slightly less than the average auto insurance rate for all drivers ($777, or about $126 per month).

Let's highlight some cheap car insurance companies for drivers in their 30s and evaluate the important policy decisions you should make as you age.


InsurerAverage Rates (Six Months)
Liberty Mutual$751
State Farm$884


These rates are average estimates based on a user profile (methodology). If you're interested in receiving personalized car insurance quotes, enter your ZIP code below.

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How to save on car insurance as a 30-year-old driver


One question you'll need to answer when purchasing a car insurance policy is how many years of driving experience you have. Because your driving experience is a major insurance rating factor, most companies charge inexperienced drivers more to offset the additional risk of insuring them. In the estimation of an insurance company, the less experience a driver has, the more likely they are to get into an accident and require a claim payout. As you gain more experience behind the wheel and keep a clean driving record, your rates will become more affordable.

Below are some tips for first-time drivers seeking affordable car insurance.

Compare car insurance quotes every six months

Auto insurance premiums may vary significantly by insurance company. Although no company will see your lack of driving experience positively, not all will charge you equally. The only way to ensure you're getting the best rate with your driving record is to shop around every time your policy renews (typically every six months).


Pay for claims out-of-pocket

The general rule of thumb in the insurance world is if you can pay for damages yourself, do it. Your insurance company will add a surcharge to your premium for three to five years after an at-fault accident. While it varies by state and company, the average three-year surcharge for an at-fault is $1,700. You can determine if you should file a claim using our guide to car insurance claims.


Understand your coverage needs

If your vehicle is worth less than $4,000, you may not need to add collision and comprehensive coverages to your insurance policy. These coverages are designed to protect the value of your vehicle but are expensive coverage options. If your vehicle isn't worth much, you are paying for coverage you do not need. Use online resources such as Kelley Blue Book and NADA online to determine the value of your vehicle.


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How does car insurance change during your 30s?


As you grow older celebrate life's milestones, your car insurance rates change. Adding new vehicles, drivers, or new lines of insurance comes with policy implications. 


Marriage and car insurance

While no one takes the same path in life, many people in their 30s get married, and this can impact your insurance premiums for the better.
When a single person marries, his or her annual premium drops statistically by about 5.6% or around $74 per year. That’s because insurance companies have found that married people file fewer claims than do single people. Moreover, they see that married people are sharing the responsibility of driving, which could cut the mileage of each car in half.
Marital StatusAverage Annual Premium

Homeownership and car insurance

Upgrading from renting a place to buying your own home can save you around $138/year, for a couple of reasons. We’re assuming that you bundled your home and auto insurance with the same company. This not only makes things a little easier: your business goes through one agent or company, but bundling can also earn you a profitable multi-policy discount. Insurance companies look at those who own a home to be more financially stable and thus statistically less likely to file a claim.
Homeownership statusAverage annual car insurance discount
Renter w/ multi-policy$77
Condo owner w/ multi-policy discount$120
Homeowner w/ multi-policy discount$138

Parenthood and car insurance

Unless your child is of driving age, simply having a kid won’t impact your premium. However, if you upgrade your two-door sedan to a minivan with additional coverage, your insurance premium might change. If you were to trade in your Honda Civic (car) for a Honda Odyssey (minivan) in order to accommodate kids, your average annual premium would drop by $210. If minivans aren’t your thing, you can still expect your premium to decrease by an average of $139 when you swap out your car for a family-friendly SUV.


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