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How to find cheap home insurance in Jacksonville

A critical consideration for every homeowner should be home insurance. Homeowners coverage protects you against fire, wind damage, and theft for your home and the contents inside it. With the relative frequency of such perils -- along with the high cost of rebuilding or repairing a home -- purchasing home insurance is a wise investment.

The price of a homeowners insurance policy factors in variables such as the cost of building materials, the value of your personal belongings, and the overall value of the primary dwelling. The location of your home also contributes to the price of your homeowners insurance policy. In areas prone to perils likefrozen pipes, hail, windstorms, or wildfires, home insurance rates may be higher to account for the extra risk. Learn more information about the specifics of home insurance coverage.

If you want to find cheap homeowners insurance in Jacksonville, start with shopping around and comparing different policies. Have a look at the summary below comparing average home insurance rates in Jacksonville to begin your home insurance search with as much information as possible. One thing to note is that the yearly cost of homeowners coverage is determined based on your chosen coverage limits as well as a number of other rating factors.

Jacksonville, Florida, homeowners insurance — table of contents:
  1. Rates by insurance company
  2. Rates by coverage level
  3. Rates by ZIP code
  4. Rates by deductible amount
  5. Policy bundling discounts

Home insurance in Jacksonville by insurance company

Jacksonville homeowners insurance rates will vary depending on which insurance company you choose. Security First offers the most affordable home insurance in Jacksonville, at just $478 per year. This compares favorably to the city’s average homeowners premium of $1,857.

To get started with your homeowners insurance policy search, take a look at this list of the cheapest companies in Jacksonville, Florida.

Company Average Annual Rate
Security First $478
State Farm $686
Allstate $1,280
American Integrity $2,108
Peoples Trust $2,650

Average home insurance rates in Jacksonville by coverage levels

The amount of homeowners coverage you select has an impact on your insurance rates. Homeowners in Jacksonville who carry $200K in dwelling coverage pay an average of $1,315 per year, while those with coverage up to $400K pay around $2,441 per year.

Coverage Level Average Annual Rate
$100K Dwelling $735
$200K Dwelling $1,315
$250K Dwelling $1,557
$400K Dwelling $2,441

Jacksonville home insurance rates by ZIP code

Not every area of Jacksonville has equal home insurance premiums. One of the factors that insurers use when pricing your insurance policy is the number of claims filed in your surrounding area. As such, the location of your house can dramatically influence your home insurance rates.

To find the cheapest homeowners coverage in Jacksonville, look no further than 33637. In the 33637 area, homeowners coverage usually costs just $1,775 per year — a full $82 less than the Jacksonville average. If you’re looking for the areas with the most affordable homeowners insurance in Jacksonville, have a look at the table below.

ZIP Code Average Annual Home Insurance Rate
33637 $1,775
33617 $1,785
33647 $1,795

On the other hand, some areas of Jacksonville face higher homeowners insurance costs, on average. Crime rates, fire risk, and even your how close you are to emergency services could lead insurance companies to see certain neighborhoods as higher risk, which could drive up area rates. An average annual rate of $1,981 makes 33621 the most expensive ZIP code in Jacksonville for homeowners insurance.

ZIP Code Average Annual Home Insurance Rate
33621 $1,981
33616 $1,979
33629 $1,924

Looking for insights on homeowners insurance in a specific city? Check out our analysis of populous Florida cities:

  1. Hialeah
  2. Miami
  3. Orlando
  4. St. Petersburg
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Home insurance deductibles in Jacksonville

Homeowners have numerous choices to make when deciding on a home insurance policy, including how high or low to set their deductible. A homeowners deductible is the amount you are responsible for paying toward a covered loss. Choosing your deductible plays a significant role in how much you pay for your coverage.

Put simply, a higher deductible leads to cheaper insurance premiums. Therefore, it might make sense to set a higher deductible if your are hoping to pay lower premiums. It's worth mentioning that a homeowners deductible should only be as high as you can reasonably pay in the event of a loss.

Take a look at the standard deductibles offered by home insurance companies and an approximation of average homeowners insurance rates.

Deductible Level Average Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate
$500 $1,690
$1,000 $1,557
$1,500 $1,540
$2,000 $1,390
$5,000 $1,333

Looking for a money-saving tip for insurance in Jacksonville? Try bundling

If you’re seeking ways to save on your overall insurance costs, consider purchasing your home and auto policies from the same insurance company. Bundling homeowners and auto insurance is one way to save substantially on your monthly car insurance premiums. In fact, bundling policies in Jacksonville leads to average annual savings of 6%.

Company Avg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate (With Bundle)
USAA $1,036
State Farm $1,939
GEICO $2,532
Progressive $2,972
Allstate $3,493

Bundling your homeowners and auto policies can be a great way to save some money on insurance.

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