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Pronto earned an overall score of 3.25/5 in The Zebra's review. Read more below to find out if they're the right carrier for you.

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Pronto Insurance at a glance

Pros Cons
  • Flexible term policies
  • Bundling options
  • Customizable coverage
  • Only available in 3 states
  • Limited options for those with significant assets
  • Little customer service data available
  • No 24/7 customer care line

Pronto Insurance review

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Based in Brownsville, Texas, Pronto Insurance provides a number of insurance coverage types. Pronto provides coverage in TexasCalifornia, and Florida, though its coverage options vary by state. Pronto is an insurance company that focuses on affordable policies for its customers, resulting in popularity among non-standard customers. With that said, the company may attract a higher number of complaints and offer relatively limited coverage options when compared with major insurance providers. 

Below, you’ll find our Pronto Insurance review, breaking down coverages offered and information on customer satisfaction among policyholders.

Pronto has not yet been rated by any reputable third party organizations like JD Power, A.M. Best or the NAIC.

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Pronto car insurance coverage options

Pronto car insurance options are designed to be flexible and affordable. Unlike many car insurance companies, Pronto highlights flexible term policies as a major selling point. Customers can purchase basic liability insurance in one, three, and six-month policy terms. This sort of flexibility allows for terms much shorter than most standard carriers provide. 

They offer insurance options that are tailored to different levels of customer needs. Pronto auto insurance provides a number of different policy packages, including some catering to customers looking for cheaper insurance rates and others serving customers in search of full coverage. 

The Essential Package
The Essential Package

This is Pronto's basic package. It ensures customers will have the minimum amount of insurance necessary to remain road-legal. It includes basic liability coverage at the limits set by the state. 

The Comprehensive Package
The Comprehensive Package

This can be added to the Essential Package to provide what’s known as full coverage. The Comprehensive Package includes collision and comprehensive coverage. 

The Alternative Package
The Alternative Package

This package is meant for customers who need specialized coverage. There are two further distinctions within this package: non-owners and SR-22.

  • Non-owners: This coverage is for drivers who want to be protected while operating a vehicle belonging to someone else. 
  • SR-22: Drivers who need to have their license reinstated — usually due to an infraction such as a DUI — can sometimes be required to carry an SR-22. This basically provides proof that you are carrying the proper insurance. 
Roadside assistance

Pronto Insurance offers roadside assistance that includes towing and other helpful services should you find yourself suffering from a mechanical breakdown. 

Mexico auto insurance
Mexico auto insurance

One offering from Pronto Insurance is its coverage for motorists driving in Mexico. This coverage is incredibly flexible, available for terms as short as one day and up to one year. Details on this coverage are vague, however, so some research is advisable. 

Pronto car insurance discounts

Pronto Insurance offers its customers a few different ways to get policy discounts. While Pronto doesn’t offer as many savings options as some companies, as a no-frills insurer, you may still find that the overall rates are still affordable. 

  • Multi-car discount: Adding multiple vehicles to your policy can lead to lower rates. 
  • Renewal discount: Sticking with Pronto Insurance can mean long-term savings.

Save an average of $440 a year by comparing your options.

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Pronto bundling options

Auto Property

Pronto homeowners insurance review

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Pronto homeowners insurance is available in Texas and California. Pronto will only insure homes with a value of up to $250,000. Policyholders can expect a choice of insurance options, along with a number standard coverages. 

  • Liability limits go up to $300,000
  • Up to $5,000 in medical coverage
  • Personal property is insured up to 40% of your home’s value
  • Loss of use coverage for up to 10% of the home’s value

Pronto has not yet been rated by any reputable third-party organizations like JD Power, A.M. Best or the NAIC.

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Optional homeowners coverage

Along with the options standard to most homeowners policies, Pronto Insurance provides the following coverages to homeowners for an additional premium:

Hurricanewind, and hail coverage: Perils resulting from hurricanes are most often covered by standard home policies, with the exception of flooding. A special deductible may apply to such coverage. 

Pet liability: If your pet injures another person, this coverage steps in to cover their injuries. Most standard policies cover pets under the personal liability portion. 

Pronto homeowners insurance restrictions

The list below outlines some of the features that will make your property ineligible for coverage from Pronto.

Is Pronto Insurance right for you?

Those with significant assets may find the options available from Pronto Insurance rather limited, especially for homeowners insurance and personal liability coverage. That said, there are many other perks that could make Pronto a good choice for those looking for affordable, wide-ranging coverages. However, the company isn’t known for outstanding customer service, so those looking for more robust coverage and better customer experience might be advised to shop elsewhere. 

A great place to start is by looking at more car insurance reviews and by getting free insurance quotes from The Zebra. That way, you can make sure you get the best auto insurance policy for your needs

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