My car was stolen and taken to Mexico. Can I just get a payout instead of getting the car back?

I don't have my vehicle at the moment. When I called, they told me it was in the prosses of being brought to California. However, I would rather get the money instead of having the car back. This was my only vehicle. I have four kids and live in an area where it gets as hot as 100 to 115, so I need a car as soon as possible. Plus, I don't know what the car was used for, which makes me uncomfortable. Can I just get a payout so I could buy another car?

Jul 25, 2019 Brawley, CA

Ross Martin

Jul 25, 2019

Hello, Sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, I don't know if I can give much advice, as this is a claims-related question. Claims have their own rules that must be followed. If you had comprehensive coverage on the vehicle, theft would be covered. An adjuster would have to interpret the damages to see what would be paid to you. I wish I could be more help. Good luck and please ask if any other questions arise.

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