What do I do if I scratched a person's car, agreed to pay out of pocket, but can't agree on the cost of the repair?

I got into a minor accident. There is no damage to my car, however there is a small scratch on the other person's car. I offered to pay for it he agreed. We exchanged contact info and no police were called. He then texts me an estimate close to $300 for a small scratch because he says his friend is fixing it. I sent a picture of the scratch to my mechanic who said he could fix it for less. I conveyed the message to the man and tried to set up a time where he and i would go together and we fix the scratch. However, when i said this to him, he tried to threatened to call his insurance company. What is my next step of action? I agreed to pay to fix it so I don't understand the problem.

Oct 10, 2017 Atlanta, GA

Ava Lynch

Oct 10, 2017

Unfortunately agreeing to pay for damage out of pocket without involving your insurance company can lead to issues like this. He does not have to agree with your offer and can attempt to get you to pay more than the actual cost of the repair. In all actuality, filing a claim for something this minor will likely cause your rate to increase more than the $300 he is asking for the repair. However, even if you pay the $300, there is no guarantee that he won't attempt to ask you for more money or even move forward with filing a claim. In certain situations, even if the damage is minor, it is best to contact your insurance company rather than deal with a person who is being uncooperative or unreasonable.

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