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How much does car insurance cost in Winston-Salem?

Car insurance in Winston-Salem costs an average of $527 for a six-month policy or $88 per month on average. In 2024, our data shows State Farm is the cheapest car insurance company in Winston-Salem with rates at $393 for a six-month policy.

Winston-Salem inhabitants actually enjoy lower car insurance costs when contrasted with the average rates in North Carolina ($574 for a six-month policy) and far lower than the national average of $742. A significant 36% of our customers in Winston-Salem admit to paying too much for car insurance, currently. Whether you share this opinion or need assistance with your automotive coverage, keep reading to discover insights on getting a great premium in Winston-Salem.

Car Insurance in Winston-Salem vs. North Carolina

Updating data...

Car Insurance in Winston-Salem vs. North Carolina Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
North Carolina Average $574
Winston-Salem Average $527

Source: The Zebra

The cheapest car insurance companies in Winston-Salem

1st place medal
1st place: State Farm

State Farm is the cheapest at $65 per month or $393 for a six-month policy.

2nd place medal
2nd place: North Carolina Farm Bureau

In second place is North Carolina Farm Bureau, which costs $66 per month ($397 for six months).

3rd place medal
3rd place: GEICO

Rounding out the list is GEICO  as the third-cheapest insurance company. On average, a Nationwide policy in Winston-Salem costs $447 per six-month policy ($75 per month).

The Zebra's key takeaways about car insurance in Winston-Salem:

  • The average cost of a car insurance policy in Winston-Salem is $527 per six-month policy — $88 per month.
  • The cheapest company in Winston-Salem is State Farm ($65/month).
  • 36% of Zebra customers in Winston-Salem stated they used our product because they were paying too much for car insurance.

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?

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Winston-Salem car insurance rates by company

Our 2024 statistics reveal that State Farm emerges as the least expensive car insurance provider for comprehensive coverage in Winston-Salem. On average, individuals pay $65 per month or $393 for a six-month policy. North Carolina Farm Bureau secures the second position, offering coverage at $66 per month or $397 for a six-month policy.

Gain valuable insights into top-rated car insurance companies based on The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Cheapest car insurance companies in Winston-Salem, NC
Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Updating data...

Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
State Farm $393
North Carolina Farm Bureau $397
GEICO $447
Erie $455
Progressive $547
Nationwide $727
Allstate $810

Source: The Zebra

The Zebra’s Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool data methodology

The Zebra’s Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool for home and auto insurance rates utilizes the latest ZIP code-level rate filings from across the U.S., sourced from Quadrant Information Services and S&P Global. These filings, typically updated annually or biennially by insurers, are verified through Quadrant’s QA process and then integrated into The Zebra’s estimator.

The displayed rates are based on a dynamic home and auto profile designed to reflect the content of the page. This profile is tailored to match specific factors such as age, location, and coverage level, which are adjusted based on the page content to show how these variables can impact premiums.

For a comprehensive understanding, see our detailed methodology.

Shop around for the best rates

Embarking on a comparison journey is the key to discovering the most affordable car insurance coverage. Allow our comprehensive analysis to take the lead and alleviate the burden. By entering your ZIP code, you will unlock a plethora of rates from Progressive, State Farm, GEICO, and Nationwide (among other notable insurers), enabling you to unearth the finest and most economical car insurance options available in Winston-Salem.

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Average car insurance in Winston-Salem by rating factor

The insurance realm revolves around the scrutiny of various rating factors for every prospective policyholder. These rating factors encompass a multitude of details associated with your individual profile, shaping the perception of risk you pose to the insurance company and, consequently, influencing the determination of a just premium.

Prominent rating factors include age, geographic location, credit score, and driving history. As some of these factors are subject to change over time, the optimal insurance company for you may also vary. Periodically requesting quotes will enable you to gauge whether you are still procuring the most competitive rates in Winston-Salem.

Q: I didn't have an accident — Why is my insurance going up?

A: When determining the cost of car insurance in Winston-Salem, one significant rating factor to consider is the year-end financial performance (analyzing the balance between premium revenue and the cost of settling claims). It is important to keep in mind that even if you haven't filed any claims with your insurer, you could still be subject to higher premiums if a particular insurance company has experienced an increase in the cost of conducting business in Winston-Salem.

Auto insurance premiums by age in Winston-Salem

In the realm of insurance, the age of the driver stands as a pivotal rating factor employed by insurance companies. Age is considered a reliable metric for assessing driving experience. With less time spent on the road, there is an increased potential for accidents and subsequent claims. As a result, it comes as no surprise that teens face the highest insurance premiums. In Winston-Salem, the difference in rates paid by teenage drivers and individuals in their 20s is a notable $1,254 per year, marking the most significant contrast between any two age groups when acquiring a new car insurance policy.

While the magnitude of this discrepancy may appear alarming, it is important to acknowledge that insurance companies primarily operate within the realm of risk management. By imposing higher rates on teen drivers, they effectively mitigate the increased financial burden associated with claim settlements. It is crucial to grasp that this approach is rooted in the principles of sound business practices, rather than personal biases.

Cheapest car insurance companies for teen drivers in Winston-Salem, NC
Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Teen Drivers in Winston-Salem, NC

Updating data...

Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
State Farm $664
North Carolina Farm Bureau $854
Erie $1,001
GEICO $1,162
Progressive $1,183
Nationwide $1,713
Allstate $1,831

Source: The Zebra

Age Bracket Cheapest Companies Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
20s North Carolina Farm Bureau $397
30s North Carolina Farm Bureau $395
40s North Carolina Farm Bureau $395
50s North Carolina Farm Bureau $395
60s North Carolina Farm Bureau $395
70s North Carolina Farm Bureau $395

Zebra Tip: The cheapest companies for Winston-Salem drivers between 20-40 are North Carolina Farm Bureau, GEICO and State Farm.

Winston-Salem boasts the majority of drivers between ages 20 and 40. On average, individuals falling into this age bracket face expenses averaging $558 over a six-month policy period. By opting for the aforementioned insurance companies, these drivers have the potential to enjoy savings of around 20%.

Auto insurance premiums for minimum coverage in Winston-Salem

The choice of coverage level for your car insurance in Winston-Salem plays a pivotal role in determining your rates. The more extensive the protection you select, the higher the premium you'll be charged. According to our data, 29% of drivers in Winston-Salem carry minimum coverage. Carrying low levels of coverage may satisfy the minimum legal obligations in many cases, relying solely on it can leave you exposed to the risk of being underinsured.

Winston-Salem drivers frequently opt for a comprehensive protection package commonly referred to as "full coverage" This comprehensive plan encompasses collision coverage and comprehensive coverage, typically mandated by lending associations for individuals with leased or financed vehicles. Both of these coverage options involve a deductible, allowing you to select a higher deductible to secure a reduced monthly rate.

In Winston-Salem, consider the incorporation of popular add-ons such as roadside assistance or uninsured motorist coverage to bolster the level of protection for you and your vehicle. It is important to acknowledge that opting for these additional coverages will result in higher premiums. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that The Zebra's experts strongly advise their consideration.

Q: Can I lower my car insurance coverage?

A: Possibly — if your vehicle is paid off.

If you decide to lease or finance your car, it is highly probable that a specific level of coverage will be mandated. However, if you have complete ownership of your vehicle, it is prudent to evaluate the necessity of comprehensive or collision coverage. We recommend consulting reputable sources like Kelley Blue Book to accurately determine the actual cash value of your car. Generally, if the value falls below $4,000, it may be feasible to consider foregoing collision coverage. It is essential to bear in mind that by eliminating collision coverage, you assume the potential responsibility for repair costs in the event of an accident.

Cheapest car insurance companies for minimum coverage in Winston-Salem, NC
Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Minimum Coverage in Winston-Salem, NC

Updating data...

Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
State Farm $170
North Carolina Farm Bureau $170
Erie $198
GEICO $209
Progressive $233
Nationwide $267
Allstate $349

Source: The Zebra

  • Minimum: State liability coverage only
  • Basic: State liability + collision and comprehensive (full) coverage
  • Better: Better liability limits at 50/100/50. Full coverage included with towing and rental car benefits. This may include additional personal medical benefits and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Best: Best liability limits at 100/300/50. Full coverage included with better towing and rental car benefits and better personal medical benefits and increased uninsured/underinsured coverage.

29% of our customers in Winston-Salem opt for minimum coverage, but this may not be the best option for everyone. As mentioned above, carrying the state minimum required coverage is one way to cut costs, but it can leave you in a tough spot if you're involved in a multi-car accident or an incident involving bodily injuries. North Carolina's 30/60/25 liability limits provide coverage for damage you cause up to $30,000 per person in bodily injury, $60,000 per accident in bodily injury and $25,000 for property damage — this may be fine for straightforward traffic incidents, but not enough for all situations.

North Carolina also requires uninsured motorist protection (UMPD), as well. Learn more about insurance laws in North Carolina.

Winston-Salem car insurance rates by credit score

North Carolina, like numerous other states, continues to consider a driver's credit score as a key factor in the rating of car insurance policies. The correlation between credit score and claims likelihood has been extensively studied, leading to its integration as a rating factor. Comprehensive data analysis reveals that individuals with lower credit scores tend to exhibit higher rates of claim filing, coverage gaps, and engagement in risky driving behavior. Consequently, individuals with poor credit are subject to higher premium payments due to the established link between creditworthiness and elevated risk.

In Winston-Salem, drivers with poor credit (300-579) pay 35% more for car insurance than drivers with excellent credit (800-850). However, 38% of people driving in the city have a credit score that is considered average (580-679).
For Winston-Salem drivers experiencing credit challenges, Erie is the most economical option in 2024.

car insurance in Winston-Salem by credit score
Cheapest car insurance companies for bad credit in Winston-Salem, NC
Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Bad Credit in Winston-Salem, NC

Updating data...

Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Erie $537
Progressive $547
North Carolina Farm Bureau $636
GEICO $648
State Farm $899
Nationwide $933
Allstate $1,305

Source: The Zebra

Zebra Tip: If you recently improved your credit score, shop around for car insurance!

In Winston-Salem, our data indicates that drivers with "Fair" credit can potentially save a significant $202 in annual car insurance expenses compared to drivers with "Poor" credit. If you've recently settled a loan or implemented strategies to bolster your credit, it would be beneficial to utilize your preferred credit monitoring software to evaluate if these recent efforts may translate into potential car insurance savings.

Auto insurance rates with an at-fault accident

At-fault and collision-type accidents are the leading types of insurance claims. Our 2024 data suggests that an at-fault accident caused the average Winston-Salem insurance rate to increase by about $40 to $60 per month. North Carolina Farm Bureau is the most cost-effective company in Winston-Salem after an at-fault accident.

By maintaining a clean driving record and doing your best to avoid accidents, you can effectively keep your auto insurance rates low. Any violation, whether it is a speeding ticket, charges for reckless driving, or a DUI conviction, will result in higher premiums. The duration of the impact on your insurance policy can range from three to five years, depending on the severity of the offense.

Cheapest car insurance companies after an at-fault accident in Winston-Salem, NC
Cheapest Car Insurance Companies After an At-Fault Accident in Winston-Salem, NC

Updating data...

Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
North Carolina Farm Bureau $597
State Farm $606
Erie $720
Progressive $829
GEICO $928
Nationwide $1,164
Allstate $1,659

Source: The Zebra

Winston-Salem car insurance rates by violation

Below you can see how much different violations and claims will increase your rate in Winston-Salem.

Car insurance rate increases after violations and citations in Winston-Salem, NC
Car Insurance Rate Increases After Violations and Citations in Winston-Salem, NC

Updating data...

Accident/Violation Avg. 6 Mo. Premium % Rate Increase $ Rate Increase
One Med/PIP claim $527 0% $0
None $527 0% $0
Not-at-fault accident $537 2% $9
Two Med/PIP claims $547 4% $20
One comp claim $547 4% $20
Two comp claims $564 7% $37
Failure to show documents $625 19% $98
Driving without lights $690 31% $162
Child safety restraint $690 31% $162
Failure to wear a seat belt $690 31% $162
Texting while driving $727 38% $200
Cell phone violation $727 38% $200
Speeding 6 - 10 MPH over limit $736 40% $208
Driving with expired registration $736 40% $209
Failure to yield $752 43% $225
Failure to stop at a red light $752 43% $225
Driving too slowly $752 43% $225
Wrong way/wrong lane $752 43% $225
Open container $752 43% $225
Illegal turn $752 43% $225
Operating a vehicle without permission $752 43% $225
Speeding in school zone $756 43% $228
At-fault accident - $1000-$2000 $762 44% $235
At-fault accident - less than $1000 $762 44% $235
Speeding 11 - 15 MPH over limit $803 52% $275
In 65 MPH zone $803 52% $275
Speeding 16 - 20 MPH over limit $806 53% $279
Speeding 21 - 25 MPH over limit $806 53% $279
Improper passing $819 55% $291
Following too closely $825 57% $298
At-fault accident - greater than $2000 $886 68% $359
Passing school bus $1,005 91% $478
Reckless driving $1,016 93% $489
Driving with a suspended license $1,569 198% $1,041
Leaving scene of an accident/hit and run $2,202 318% $1,675
Refusal to submit to a chemical test $2,226 322% $1,699
DUI $2,232 323% $1,705
Racing $2,273 331% $1,746

Source: The Zebra

Why is car insurance in Winston-Salem so expensive?

When it comes to Winston-Salem, car insurance rates are actually slightly lower than North Carolina's average, and are several hundred less than the national average. The city's population density and the high cost of repairs play a role in determining the rates in a certain area. Nevertheless, individual factors such as your driving history or the demographic you fall into can have a substantial impact on your premium. Here's an overview of why car insurance can be costly in Winston-Salem, even if the area itself sees lower-than-typical prices.


The neighborhood in which you live in Winston-Salem can have an impact on the rates of your car insurance. While individual factors such as your driving history and demographic information are important in determining the cost of your premiums, the specific area you reside in also plays a role. Crime rates, occurrences of theft, and the prevalence of uninsured drivers can vary across different ZIP codes, causing certain areas of the city to be considered more risky by insurance companies. If you happen to live in a high-crime neighborhood, it is likely that you will face higher car insurance costs compared to someone living in a safer area. The good news is that the difference between the most expensive ZIP code and the cheapest ZIP code in the city is only about $7 per month.


Weather risk
Weather risk

The damage caused by hurricanes and other similar weather-related damage can and has bankrupted insurance companies. North Carolina experiences its fair share of severe weather, and due to this risk, it can be expensive for auto insurance companies in the state to do business. However,  Winston-Salem's inland location keeps it safer (and cheaper) than coastal cities that are more at risk for hurricane damage.  

Regardless of the location, flooding is something that can happen jus about anywhere if the circumstances are right. Damage to your vehicle caused by flooding is covered under your comprehensive coverage. If you have a new or nice vehicle, we definitely recommend considering comprehensive coverage as part of your Winston-Salem car insurance policy.

number of drivers
Number of drivers

With more cars on the road, more accidents are inevitable. The costs of accident-related claims are typically passed along to other drivers in the area through higher premiums, even for safe or occasional drivers.

According to our data, about 27% of drivers in Winston-Salem are not currently insured — one of the highest percentages in the state. If you’re hit by an uninsured driver in Winston-Salem, you could be left paying for the damage yourself.

Zebra Tip: Comprehensive coverage and uninsured property damage coverage are good to have in North Carolina

Comprehensive coverage safeguards against damages caused by weather phenomena, encounters with animals, and acts of vandalism. If you possess a new or valuable vehicle, it is highly advisable to contemplate including comprehensive coverage as an essential part of your Winston-Salem car insurance policy.

Additionally, in urban areas or ZIP codes characterized by a high concentration of uninsured drivers, we recommend obtaining uninsured motorist coveragee (also known as UMPD). This coverage offers valuable support in instances where you or your vehicle sustain damage due to an underinsured or uninsured driver. With a lower deductible and more economical premiums compared to collision coverage, the rate increase following a UMPD claim can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

Bundling insurance policies in Winston-Salem

Nationwide, the cost of car insurance is on the rise, posing a formidable dilemma for drivers in Winston-Salem, where average rates already hover at considerable heights. However, amid this challenging scenario, opportunities exist to find savings. One common discount offered by insurance providers is the multi-policy discount, often referred to as the "bundling" discount. By combining your auto insurance and home or renters insurance with a single provider, you become eligible for this discount. Some companies extend savings of up to 10% on combined premiums.

If you currently have separate policies for your home and automobile, it might be worth exploring the possibility of bundling them. Consolidating these policies has the potential to unlock significant cost savings. Shopping around for available options is undoubtedly a worthwhile exercise. Learn more about bundling home and car insurance.

bundling home and auto insurance in Winston-Salem
Cheapest car insurance companies for bundling home and auto insurance in Winston-Salem, NC
Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Bundling Home and Auto Insurance in Winston-Salem, NC

Updating data...

Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
State Farm $339
North Carolina Farm Bureau $417
Erie $419
GEICO $431
Progressive $547
Nationwide $652
Allstate $667

Source: The Zebra

While there are aspects beyond your direct control, drivers can exert influence by optimizing their profiles to appeal to insurers. Our top recommendation is to diligently explore your options by gathering auto insurance quotes from a wide range of companies. This ensures that you secure the most affordable rate without compromising coverage and service quality, especially if any personal circumstances have changed, such as a relocation, a birthday celebration, or an improvement in your credit score. Despite your best efforts, certain companies are simply more expensive than others, so don't hesitate to consider switching providers.

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Frequently asked questions

In Winston-Salem, the average cost of a six-month car insurance policy is $527, with a corresponding monthly premium of approximately $88.

State Farm is the carrier with the cheapest rates in Winston-Salem, coming in at an average of $393 per six-month policy.

North Carolina car insurance laws require $30,000 per person in bodily injury, $60,000 per accident in bodily injury and $25,000 for property damage. These totals are the mimimums required, but The Zebra advises increasing these levels to ensure you are fully protected while driving in Winston-Salem.

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