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AARP membership comes with the benefit of senior driving discounts and unique insurance options through The Hartford.

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AARP car insurance rates and discounts

AARP members are eligible for the organization's auto insurance coverage, issued through The Hartford. The average cost of AARP auto insurance is $1,332 per 12-month policy — or approximately $111 per month (methodology).

Let’s explore some of the policy options and coverage features offered by AARP, as well as the organization's customer service reputation and JD Power ratings.


AARP auto insurance — table of contents:
  1. AARP car insurance rates
  2. Discounts and coverage options
  3. Towing and roadside assistance
  4. AARP insurance reviews


How much does AARP car insurance cost?

AARP members receive discounted car insurance through The Hartford, a company providing auto insurance for drivers older than 55. We used five random representative ZIP codes across the US to determine the average cost of an AARP car insurance policy.


Zip Code

12-Month Insurance Premium

Average Rate


Austin, TX - 78702


Columbus, OH - 43235


Glenwood, IL - 60425


Woodstown, NJ - 08098


McIntosh, NM - 56556



How to save money with an AARP home and auto insurance bundle

AARP members can also earn discounts of up to 20% by bundling their homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies with AARP, via The Hartford. If you're looking to save on your next auto insurance policy, inquire about an AARP insurance bundle. 




12-Month Premium

Car insurance-only


Auto and homeowners insurance


Insurance discounts and coverage options: AARP membership benefits

AARP’s program provides additional discounts and coverage options for AARP members. The following coverage options may depend on state regulations.


Driver safety program

This optional program is currently available in 35 states. To be eligible, you must complete a driving safety course. Depending on your state, you may be able to take this course online. AARP does not advertise how much this discount can earn you.


Lifetime renewability

As long as you’re an AARP member, your car insurance policy will renew — even if you’ve had traffic convictions or accidents. There are a few state-specific stipulations here, so speak with an agent at The Hartford if you’re interested in this policy option.


12-month rate protection

Most car insurance policies last just six months. This means prices are reviewed and re-rated every six months. While your rate may decrease at policy renewal, it's more likely your insurance company will raise rates at policy renewal. Between 2011 and 2018, car insurance premiums have increased by an average of 23%. While you might experience a rate increase with AARP and The Hartford, it could be less frequent.


New car replacement

This coverage refunds the replacement cost of a new vehicle if you’ve totaled it within the first 15 months — or 15,000 miles — of acquiring it. In the event of a total loss collision, The Hartford will replace your car with a replacement of the same make and model.



This is a unique coverage option provided by The Hartford and AARP. If you’re injured in an accident, you will be insured up to $2,500, covering transportation, cooking, cleaning, and other help you might require after an accident.


First accident forgiveness

With this coverage, your first accident won’t increase your premium. This is sometimes referred to as Accident Forgiveness by other insurers. 


One deductible

If you insure two vehicles with AARP and The Hartford and they’re both involved in collisions, you only need to file one deductible with this coverage.


Disappearing deductible

Every year during which you do not have a collision, your deductible will decrease. This coverage is available through different insurers. Learn more about vanishing deductible coverage.



TrueLane is The Hartford’s telematics program. TrueLane uses your driving habits to price your car insurance premium. In addition to earning a 5% discount on your premium just by signing up, you can lower your premium by exhibiting safe driving habits. Things like harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and late-night driving can increase your costs.

Check out our overview of usage-based insurance programs.



Towing and roadside assistance with AARP

AARP runs two roadside assistance programs through two insurance companies. AARP's program through The Hartford is much less comprehensive than its solo roadside assistance package.

learn more about the most popular roadside assistance options.


AARP emergency roadside assistance

This program provides 24/7 coverage in the event you're stranded on the side of the road. If you have comprehensive coverage, you can add this policy feature. If you’re stranded and need assistance, simply call 1-800-322-7789 and AARP will assist.


Towing insurance coverage

This coverage offers a tow to the nearest repair shop if your vehicle is inoperable. This coverage does not necessarily require a collision or accident to have occurred. Like the emergency roadside assistance package, you must have comprehensive coverage to utilize this policy feature.




AARP auto insurance reviews

The Hartford's customer service earns good reviews. The Hartford currently holds a JD Power Rating of 4 out of 5, and a customer satisfaction rating of 879 of 1,000. However, The Hartford, like many insurance companies, has some negative reviews. The best way to find the right car insurance provider for you is to do detailed research. Understand the coverage you need and how much you're able to pay. This will expedite your search for car insurance.

Read The Zebra's unbiased review of The Hartford.

If you’d like to learn more about car insurance, see our related content. If you’re ready to see personalized quotes, enter your ZIP code below to get started.

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We created a generic user profile with an AARP membership in order to get rates from The Hartford. Outlined below is the user's personal characteristics:

  • DOB: 08/20/1953
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital status: Married (spouse not listed on the policy)
  • Vehicle: Owned 2015 Honda Accord EX, sedan
  • Employed
  • Current limits: 50/100/500
  • Insurance history: with prior company for 10+ years
  • Homeowner status: homeowner

We used this profile in five random U.S. ZIP codes:

  • Austin, 78702
  • Columbus, OH 43235
  • Glenwood, IL 60425
  • Woodstown, NJ 08098
  • McIntosh, NM 56556
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