How much does Audi insurance cost?

The typical Audi insurance policy costs $2,534 per year or $211 per month.  This is — 71% more than average cost of car insurance! — so careful price-shopping is essential.

If you hunt for the right insurer, it's possible to find a great deal on Audi car insurance. In fact, drivers can sometimes find insurance for less than $1000 per year on Audi models like the A4, A5, Q3, and Q5. Allied and Nationwide provide some of the lowest, widely available premiums for Audi drivers. On the other hand, companies like Progressive and Allstate aren't great options for Audi owners, often dipping into the $3,000 range per year for pricier models.

While myriad factors comprise car insurance rates, choosing a model wisely is a great first step toward cheaper premiums. If you're seeking savings on Audi insurance rates, start with the A5 sedan or Q3 crossover SUV, the cheapest Audi models to insure. No matter which model you choose, use The Zebra to quickly compare car insurance quotes and find the best coverage for the best price.

Vehicle Model Average Annual Premium
Audi A3 $2,013
Audi A3 Sportback e-tron $2,162
Audi A4 $2,248
Audi A5 $2,431
Audi A6 $2,622
Audi A7 $2,783
Audi A8 $3,092
Audi Q3 $1,769
Audi Q5 $1,881
Audi Q7 $2,153
Audi R8 $4,263
Audi TT $2,266

Audi insurance rates by model: