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Plymouth Rock Insurance: Reviews, Coverage Options, and Ratings

Plymouth Rock Assurance Insurance Review for 2021

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4 Rating from The Zebra

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a regional insurance company that offers insurance in a handful of states: New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Hampshire. Plymouth Rock could be a decent option if you want to avoid working with a large insurer. For a smaller operation with a limited customer pool, Plymouth Rock offers impressive coverage options and discounts that compete with the insurance market's major players. Plymouth Rock policyholders can expect a few perks and benefits in their policy, including mobile claims service and one-time cab fare coverage.

Our comprehensive review details Plymouth Rock’s auto and home coverage options, discounts, and customer satisfaction. Let’s dive in.

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JD Power Rating — Below Average: JD Power rates Plymouth Rock below average for overall customer satisfaction. 

Financial strength — Excellent: According to AM Best, Plymouth Rock’s financial rating of A- indicates stable fiscal health and a strong ability to pay out claims.

NAIC Rating — Above average: The NAIC received fewer customer complaints regarding Plymouth Rock than the national average.

JD Power Rating — Below Average: JD Power rates Plymouth Rock below average for overall customer satisfaction. 

Financial strength — Excellent: According to AM Best, Plymouth Rock’s financial rating of A- indicates stable fiscal health and a strong ability to pay out claims.

NAIC Rating — Above average: The NAIC received fewer customer complaints regarding Plymouth Rock than the national average.

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Plymouth Rock car insurance coverage options

All the standard auto insurance coverage types can be purchased via Plymouth Rock — liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and medical payments. Let’s review some optional additional coverages that can be added to a Plymouth Rock insurance policy.

Loan/lease gap insurance

If you drive a newer vehicle and already carry comprehensive and collision coverage, gap insurance could come in handy if your vehicle is totaled. Unless you opted for replacement value insurance, claims payouts are based on actual cash value. Deductions made for depreciation can result in a payout that fails to cover the entire amount you paid for the car, whether it’s leased or financed with a lienholder. Gap coverage is meant to prevent such a situation.

Accident forgiveness

This coverage will “forgive” one accident while you’re insured, providing you don’t have any previous accidents on your policy. Accident forgiveness will waive the surchargeable incident, ensuring your rate doesn’t increase when your renewal period comes around.

New car replacement

Applicable for vehicles newer than two years old, new car replacement coverage will replace a totaled car with a new one (same model year, make, and model). 

Deductible waiver

Only available in a few states, Plymouth Rock's deductible waiver add-on waives collision deductibles in certain situations.

Glass coverage

If you have this coverage, your comprehensive deductible will be waived if you make a glass-only claim. Policyholders can also opt for a $100 glass deductible to cover glass claims — this is a separate coverage option.

Plymouth Rock also offers a few tiers of insurance packages that conveniently bundle coverage with additional perks.

  • Essential Assurance: Automatically included with your policy, some notable benefits are mobile claims service, valet service that takes your car to and from the repair shop, and one-way $50 cab fare.
  • Assurance Plus: In addition to all the benefits under Essential Assurance, this package also includes additional rental car coverage, pet injury coverage, mobile device or laptop replacement or repair, child car seat replacement, personal property coverage, deductive waivers for glass repair and collision, loss of earnings coverage, and enhanced bail bond coverage.
  • Assurance Preferred: This tier is comprised of roadside assistance, windshield replacement deductible waiver, enhanced towing and labor coverage, depreciation waiver, pet injury coverage, accidental discharge of airbag coverage, and includes all Essential Assurance benefits.
  • Assurance Premier: Including all of the features offered by Assurance Preferred, this package adds in deductible credits ($50 for each claims-free year), trip interruption coverage, new car replacement, gap coverage, and electronic key replacement.


Plymouth Rock auto insurance discounts and reward programs

Some common car insurance discounts are available if you’re considering Plymouth Rock for your next auto policy.

Discounts based on your insurance policy

  • Bundling: Get a bundling discount by enrolling in a home, condo, or renters insurance policy through Plymouth Rock.
  • Paid in full: Pay a lump sum for the policy period instead of monthly payments to get a small discount.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle

  • Advance shopper: Receive a small discount by getting an insurance policy at least a few days in advance of its effective date.
  • Anti-theft: Devices like alarms, hood locks, and ignition locks can land you a discount on your policy.
  • New driver: If a new driver on your policy is your child and under age 19, and you’ve had your policy continuously for two years, you could qualify for this discount.
  • Away at school: If you or anyone on your policy is a student who resides away from home and does not have regular access to the insured vehicle, you may qualify for this discount.
  • Driver training: Young drivers can get this discount by completing a qualified driver training course.
  • Paperless: Opt-in for email delivery of policy documents to get a small discount.
  • Good student: Fulltime students who meet academic criteria (a “B” average) can receive a discount on their premium.
  • Affinity group: You may be eligible for a discount if you’re part of an approved affinity group.
  • Motor club: If you’re a part of an approved motor club, you could qualify for a small discount on your policy.
  • Safety pledge: You could qualify for a small automatic discount by taking a safety pledge.



Plymouth Rock home insurance review

Plymouth Rock offers all the conventional homeowners insurance coverage options in the six states in which the company sells auto insurance — New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Hampshire. Some unique options can be added to your home insurance policy, but not all of these coverages may be available in your state.

Utility service line coverage

Should something happen to your home due to the failure of service lines or pipes, Plymouth Rock will step in to help cover the damage if you add this optional coverage.

Home systems breakdown coverage

This coverage can be used for home equipment, like an AC unit or stove, if it breaks.

Identity theft protection

Plymouth Rock Assurance partners with Cyberscout to provide protection for your personal data and identity.

Home cyber coverage

Available in three states, this coverage protects against cyberattacks, including online fraud and extortion.


Plymouth Rock home insurance discounts

Plymouth Rock may be a smaller, lesser-known home insurance company, but it offers many of the home insurance discounts typically provided by big-name insurance companies.

Discounts based on your home insurance policy

  • Bundling: Consider bundling your homeowners insurance with another policy through Plymouth Rock to see some savings.
  • Claims-free: If you’ve had no claims on your policy in five years, expect a discount on your homeowners insurance.

Discounts based on the home or policyholder

  • Age of home: Newer homes will receive larger discounts; if your home is a new build, ask for this discount.
  • Advanced quote: If you plan ahead and get a quote at least seven days in advance of your coverage’s effective date, you may qualify for some savings.
  • New customer: First-time Plymouth Rock policyholder? Ask for the new customer discount.
  • Superior constructed home: Get this discount if your home is built with fire-resistant materials.
  • Fire and security protection: Equip your house with preventive safety measures like a central monitoring system, fire monitoring system, and sprinklers to get a discount on your premium.
  • Connected home: Utilize connected devices in your home to protect from theft, fire, or water damage to receive this discount.
  • Affinity: If you’re a member of a qualifying Affinity group or association, you can save some money.
  • Paperless: Opt into electronic delivery of all of your insurance documents to easily qualify for a discount.


Additional lines of insurance

The lineup of Plymouth Rock’s additional insurance products include:


Is Plymouth Rock right for you?

Plymouth Rock’s offerings stand up to competing insurers, despite its status as a regional insurance provider operating only in a few states. Based on its excellent financial standing and better-than-average customer complaint history, Plymouth Rock could be a great option for your next auto or homeowners policy.

One factor upon which we can't comment is Plymouth Rock's rates. Because of the myriad factors that go into generating insurance rates, premiums vary based on your location, age, claims history, and more. It’s up to you to decide your budget and whether you’re being quoted fairly, as this can fluctuate greatly from insurer to insurer. The Zebra can help you compare quotes and find the most affordable rate without compromising on the coverage you want. Enter your ZIP code below to get started.

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