PURE Insurance Review

Providing insurance options for those with a high net worth, PURE Insurance provides a number of great options for a narrow customer base.

PURE Insurance review and summary (updated for 2021)

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4.0 Rating from The Zebra

PURE Insurance, which stands for Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange, is headquartered in White Plains, New York. Think of PURE Insurance as the country club of insurance companies — the company operates on a member-owned model and specializes in insurance for high-net-worth clients with considerable assets. Those with significant assets may have particular insurance needs, so PURE’s portfolio of insurance products not may appeal to everyone.

PURE Insurance could provide exactly what you’re looking for if you want to insure a luxury car, a yacht, a vacation home or domestic staff to maintain your properties. If you regularly worry about the security of valuable collections of art and jewelry, or if you’re vulnerable to litigation from someone targeting your wealth, PURE Insurance could be a suitable option for your insurance needs.

Continue reading our PURE Insurance review below to explore coverage options, discounts and customer satisfaction ratings.


PURE Insurance review — table of contents:
  1. PURE auto insurance review
  2. PURE home insurance review
  3. PURE online features
  4. How to cancel a PURE Insurance policy
  5. Other PURE Insurance benefits
  6. Is PURE Insurance right for you?



PURE auto insurance review

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4.0 Rating from The Zebra

Like all of PURE Insurance's coverage options, its auto insurance product is designed with high-net individuals in mind. Those who can afford high-end or luxury vehicles are likely to be the only customers who would fully benefit from a PURE policy. Read on to find out more about PURE Insurance availability, ratings and coverage options.

  • JD Power Rating — Not Rated
  • Financial strength — Excellent: A.M. Best gives PURE’s financial status an A rating, correlating with a strong ability to pay out claims.
  • NAIC Rating — Above Average: According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), PURE received fewer complaints than the national median.


Where is PURE car insurance available?

PURE car insurance policies can be purchased in all 50 states and Washington D.C.


Is PURE auto insurance right for you?

Good for:
Bad for:
  • Drivers who value customer satisfaction and service
  • Drivers with high-value or luxury vehicles
  • Those who want robust, customizable coverage
  • High-risk drivers
  • Drivers looking for affordable, bare-bones coverage
  • Drivers who do not own luxury vehicles


PURE car insurance coverage options

Standard car insurance coverages like liabilitycollisioncomprehensive and uninsured/underinsured motorist are available through PURE. The company specializes in covering rare and luxury vehicles — everything from vintage classic cars to expensive sports cars can be insured with commensurately high coverage limits. PURE also offers some unique coverage options that may appeal to policyholders in anticipation of what a high-worth or unique vehicle would need to be sufficiently protected.


Agreed value coverage

Unless you add an endorsement for replacement cost coverage, car insurance claims payouts are usually paid on an actual cash value basis. ACV deducts for depreciation, which may leave you in a financial situation where you’re not left entirely “whole” by your insurer after an accident. With agreed value coverage, you and your insurance company decide on a fixed amount for the insured vehicle(s) without accounting for depreciation; this ensures you’re receiving enough to fully replace your vehicle. PURE also offers this coverage without requiring a deductible first.


Lease gap coverage

Also known as gap insurance, lease gap coverage protects you financially in the event of the total loss of your financed vehicle. If your agreed value settlement doesn’t cover the balance on your car loan, your PURE policy will cover the difference.


Worldwide coverage

For up to 90 days, your PURE policy follows you anywhere in the world to protect your property and liability.


Extended transportation expenses

PURE will deliver a rental car to you if your own is out of commission after a covered loss. This coverage can also be applied if your vehicle breaks down more than 50 miles from home, covering hotel stays, meals and other travel expenses up to $5,000. Your deductible is waived if you need to use this coverage.


Original replacement parts

PURE guarantees the use of OEM parts if your vehicle needs to be repaired.


Uninsured motorist protection

Your collision deductible is waived in the event your vehicle collides with one driven by an uninsured driver.


Unlimited roadside assistance

PURE’s 24/7 roadside assistance is at your service if your car breaks down, needs towing, tire service or you’re locked out.


PURE car insurance discounts

PURE does not openly advertise discounts on car insurance but claims policyholders can lower premiums by:

  • Insuring more cars than drivers
  • Keeping your child’s vehicle at home while they’re away at college
  • Limiting the number of days you drive your collector car

One thing all three of these factors have in common is that they contribute to a reduced risk profile — which is exactly what insurers like to see in their policyholders. PURE suggests there could be other cost-cutting measures if you take steps to lessen the risk you present.


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PURE homeowners insurance review

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4.0 Rating from The Zebra

Primarily covering high-value homes— whether they be lavish, brand new mansions or historic Victorian estates — PURE Insurance offers some comprehensive home insurance options and benefits. Homeowners coverages for your dwelling, personal property, other structures, personal liability and additional living expenses can be tailored to your needs. Read on to find out more about PURE's home insurance ratings, options, and pricing information. 

  • JD Power Rating — Not Rated
  • Financial strength — Excellent: A.M. Best gives PURE’s financial status an A rating, correlating with a strong ability to pay out claims.
  • NAIC Rating — Above Average: According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), PURE received fewer complaints than the national median for homeowners insurance providers.


Where is PURE home insurance available?

PURE car insurance policies can be purchased in all 50 states and Washington DC.


Is PURE homeowners insurance right for you?

Good for:
Bad for:
  • Owners of a high-value or luxury property 
  • Homeowners who want robust, customizable coverage
  • Those looking to bundle multiple types of insurance coverage with the same insurer
  • Owners of standard homes
  • Non-high-net worth individuals



PURE home insurance coverage options

PURE offers a number of features that set them apart from many standard home insurance companies. While you can find the same types of coverage for your dwelling, personal property and liability, the limits available go far beyond those of most companies. Furthermore, PURE offers numerous extra coverage options that may appeal to high net-worth individuals. Below you'll find options available to PURE members. 


Guaranteed replacement cost

It can be tricky to determine the cost of rebuilding a home — especially if it has custom or unique features. Guaranteed replacement cost ensures that your home can be rebuilt like it was before, even if it exceeds your coverage limits.


Replace, rebuild, or receive a cash settlement

Policyholders are given the choice to replace, rebuilt, or receive a cash claims payout if the home is destroyed. Depending on the type of damage, you may not want to rebuild or replace the property, so PURE provides the choice of a cash settlement instead.


Jewelry protection

PURE offers jewelry coverage up to a $50,000 limit for lost or stolen jewelry.


Sewer and drain backups

A common endorsement to a homeowners insurance policy, coverage for sewer and drain backups to protect against potential water damage from overflow. No matter if it happens inside or outside your home, PURE will help you clean it up and also rebuild or replace the damaged property.


Deductible waiver

Your deductible will be waived if the damage from a covered loss greatly exceeds the deductible you chose. For instance, if your home insurance deductible is $25,000 or less, and your house sustains $50,000 in damage, PURE recognizes the financial scope of your loss by waiving your deductible.


Home systems protection

PURE Insurance runs its own Home Systems Protection program that covers losses caused by electrical or mechanical systems, including heating and air conditioning, home security systems, swimming pools, elevators and more.


Loss prevention benefit

PURE will help you reduce the likelihood of another similar loss occurring by contributing up to $2,500 if you suffer a loss greater than $10,000. This contribution can be used to invest in your home, like installing generators and leak detection systems.


PURE home insurance discounts

Like with auto insurance, PURE is similarly vague about applicable discounts on a home insurance policy but hints that lowering your risk profile will lead to some savings. A few examples include:

  • Insuring a home that is part of a gated community
  • Installing central burglar/fire alarms
  • Multi-policy discount for bundling more than one policy with PURE


How much does PURE home insurance cost?

The cost of your PURE home insurance policy will vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of house you have and in what part of the country you live in. Below we've compiled some average prices based on a moderately priced home to give you a good sense of the prices you can expect from PURE compared to other major carriers. However, it's important to keep in mind that the average PURE customer is very likely to have a home that is far more expensive than average and that this increase in value should be accounted for when seeking a quote for your home.

PURE vs. Competitors.png
Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Cost
State Farm$122


Additional lines of insurance

PURE Insurance also offers the following lines of insurance, catering to those with many assets to safeguard.



Pure Insurance online features

PURE Insurance has an online member portal where PURE customers can access most policy options.

  • Insurance ID cards
  • Bill pay
  • Claims management

The PURE Insurance mobile app has a number of features similar to those above. However, the PURE app also includes added perks, including the following:

  • PURE Advice Dashboard: A customized tool to help identify coverage gaps and find opportunities to save money on your policy.
  • Evergreen PURE360™: A digital home inspection report meant to help members reduce the need to file claims.
  • PURE Home Spotlight: PURE members have access to PURE's home data library, providing important historical information on homes for sale including construction permits, property risk-level and claims history.
  • PURE Member Advocates: PURE provides point-of-contact advocates who help before, during and after claims.



Canceling Pure Insurance

Canceling PURE Insurance cannot be done online. To cancel your PURE policy, contact PURE customer service by calling 1-888-813-7873 or emailing service@pureinsurance.com. 



Other PURE Insurance benefits

PURE Insurance positions itself as more than just a simple insurance company. This is reflected in the terminology that the company uses to designate its customers: members. Truly, PURE Insurance goes beyond what is expected of most insurance companies, offering members a host of services catered to their unique needs as higher-net-worth individuals. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Pure Member Advocates®: Described as an insurance "concierge," these advocates are meant to assist you with an array of insurance matters from handling claims to setting up appointments with appraisers of fine-art 
  • Pure Risk Managers: Risk managers will help to assess your home for potential risks and make recommendations on minimizing them.
  • The Haven Art Group: PURE members can access the services of the Haven Art Group to help maintain their private art collection.
  • PURE Cybersafe Solutions: A dedicated team that helps to correct or prevent cyber-attacks and identity theft.
  • Wildfire Mitigation Program: PURE can help homeowners in wildfire-prone areas assess and minimize the risk of loss.

While the average driver or homeowner will not likely have much use for such programs, the core clientele that PURE Insurance is aiming for will likely welcome these additional services. 



Is PURE Insurance the best choice for you?

If you’re unsatisfied by the coverage limits, customer service, and the scope of coverage offered by other insurance companies, and require specialized coverage for assets like boats, multiple high-value homes or properties, and luxury vehicles, PURE may be a good fit. Because they specifically cater to those of significant means, they could have a better understanding of your unique coverage needs. PURE membership comes with the additional benefit of member advocates providing highly personalized claims service designed to put their policyholders at-ease during the often-stressful experience of a loss and subsequent claim.

Not everyone can qualify to be a PURE member, but their customer satisfaction record indicates their members are quite satisfied. With an above-average rating from the NAIC and healthy financial standing, policyholders can feel secure choosing PURE as their insurer.

One aspect we haven’t discussed is the cost. This is due to the highly variable nature of individual factors that generate insurance quotes and the fact that insurance coverage isn’t always one-size-fits-all. If you’re wondering how much you can save on your premium, let The Zebra guide you to cheaper insurance.

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