Driving record transfer from state to state

I got a speeding ticket recently on my Illinois license registration. but I have moved to Dallas and got the Texas registration and Texas DL. I need to renew my auto policy. Do i need to tell the insurance company about my recent ticket? As that ticket was on Illinois registration and DL.

Apr 10, 2018 Dallas, Texas

Ava Lynch

Apr 10, 2018

Most companies will only run the current MVR so in your case Texas would be pulled and the Illinois ticket will not show up. The issue would be if the underwriters pull the Illinois records and see the ticket they will add it to your policy after you have bound it. My best advice is to disclose the ticket to your agent you are working with and let them advise you. Every company will treat this situation differently. They may say it was fine since it was under an old license number while others may say you still need it placed on to avoid any problems in the future.

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