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What do I do if I am hit by another driver and they refuse to provide me their insurance information?

Someone backed into my car in a parking lot while I was sitting in it, and my bumper was scratched and dented. I tried getting the other driver’s insurance information, but they felt that, since there wasn’t much damage, they didn’t need to give it to me. I called the police and had them write a report, but now I’m not sure how to proceed.

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

Regardless of the amount of damage caused in an accident, drivers should still exchange insurance information. Normally in the event that the police are called and a report is written the information of both drivers is documented, including insurance information. You can request a copy of the police report which should include the other driver’s insurance company name and policy number. An alternative would be to provide the license plate number of the other driver’s car to your insurance company and they may be able to assist in contacting the other company about your damage. I would recommend contacting your insurance provider anyway so you can begin the repair process while you’re waiting to reach the other driver’s company.

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