What is an ADOT Code?

AZ won't let me verify insurance online without it. I don't know it. Is it a state form of NAIC? I got a notice from ADOT that I needed to verify insurance, which I have never had to do manually. But online at , they won't let me submit it without the "ADOT Code". I have no idea what that is. My broker, who is in California, has no idea what that is. Called ADOT, they said its normal and broker should know it!? I have Travelers Auto. Is the ADOT Code a state variation of the NAIC?

Mar 17, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona

Ava Lynch

Mar 17, 2018

The code for it should be listed on your ID card from Travelers. If you don't see it on there call Travelers Customer service line. It's a code that identifies the insurance company to the state. They can also be reached at:
  • 1-866-336-2077

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