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Does car insurance cover a uhaul?

I am moving to a new apartment and will be needing to rent a uhaul to move my things. I currently have full coverage insurance. Is this something that will be covered on my policy or should I get the insurance coverage offered by uhaul?

Jul 17, 2016 Topeka, KS

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Renting a U-haul is much like renting a car. Consider the size of the vehicle you will be renting. Generally speaking, if the vehicle has a full 1-ton towing capacity (normally designated as an F-350 or 3500 on the vehicle) or smaller then your policy will extend to cover that vehicle just like renting a car. However, just like renting a car, if the vehicle is damaged there could be outstanding fees that your policy doesn't cover so you might consider purchasing coverage through U-haul. If you are renting a trailer for your move then your policy is likely to extend to that as well based on the policy you described. If you happen to be renting a truck with a towing capacity larger than 1-ton, you would need to purchase coverage through U-haul because a personal auto policy would not provide coverage for a vehicle of that size. It is important to understand that, while your policy may extend to the rented U-haul, your personal contents inside the vehicle would not be covered if you are considered At-Fault in an accident. Those personal items would have to be covered under your home or renters insurance policy if you wanted them replaced. Normally, the only instance where your personal items are covered in the event of an accident is if the other driver is at-fault. In that instance, your personal items should be covered by the other driver's property damage liability coverage. One last thing: make sure to contact your insurance company before renting the U-haul if you intend to use your personal policy to cover the rental. Not all policies are created equal so it's best to cover your bases before declining the coverage that is offered through U-haul.
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