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Will your American auto insurance cover you in Canada?

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Is American auto insurance valid in Canada?

Some US car insurance policies remain valid when driving into Canada. You may need to present certain documentation at the border — beyond your insurance card. Let’s assess some companies providing Canadian car insurance and what documentation you'll need to stay covered up north.

  1. What companies provide coverage?
  2. Canadian rental car insurance
  3. What documentation is required to drive through Canada?


Which companies provide Canadian car insurance?

Note: many companies have unique policy tiers that apply to international coverage. Before traveling, verify with a customer service representative that you'll be covered once you cross the border. 

The above are some of the most popular companies offering Canada- and America-compatible car insurance policies. Many other private insurers in the US provide coverage in Canada for temporary durations of 30 to 90 days, depending on the insurance provider. It's also worth confirming that all your coverage transfers to Canada: liability, collision, and comprehensive (if you have it).

If your visit to Canada will extend beyond 90 days — or if you're moving to Canada — you should purchase a Canadian car insurance policy.


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Rental car insurance in Canada

Although your car insurance policy will cover your personal vehicle, it may not extend to cover a foreign rental car. International coverage for rental vehicles is policy-specific and difficult to generalize. Your best bet is to contact your insurance company and ask if they can provide insurance coverage for renting a vehicle in Canada.

If you’re renting a vehicle in the US to drive into Canada, you might have coverage. Many companies in America will extend coverage to any rented vehicles. However, this is up to your insurance provider and your policy.


What documentation is required to drive into Canada?

Driving into Canada with only your driver’s license is not going to cut it. Although your coverage does transfer to Canada, you will need more documentation. Below are the items you may need in order to drive into Canada:

  1. Driver’s license
  2. Passport, birth certificate, NEXUS, or FAST card
  3. Vehicle registration
  4. Proof of insurance*

Proof of insurance can vary. You should be clear to drive with your insurance card but having proof of coverage limits are recommended. Our best recommendation is to bring your entire policy declaration page and information in case the border patrol officer you encounter requests it. Occasionally, they will want to see where it states in your policy your insurance will cover you when you’re driving in Canada. In this case, your insurance company can be a good resource.

For peace of mind, contact your current provider to double check they will extend coverage into Canada. Most of the time, you should be all set. If you don’t already have an insurance policy in the US, enter your ZIP code below to get started.


Need car insurance for your trip to Canada?

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