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How much does car insurance cost in Garland?

The cost of car insurance in Garland averages $187 per month or $1,124 for a six-month policy. This is roughly $131 more than the average in Texas ($993) and $244 more than the national average ($880). According to our research, Redpoint County Mutual offers the most cost-effective rates in Garland, charging only $765 for a six-month policy.

With this rather high average premium, 43% of our customers in Garland stated they used our product because they were paying too much for car insurance. If you want to learn more about what influences car insurance prices or compare prices with other companies in Garland, read on.

Car Insurance in Garland vs. Texas Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Garland Average $1,124
Texas Average $993

The cheapest car insurance companies in Garland

1st place medal
1st place: Redpoint County Mutual

Serving only the state of Texas, Redpoint County Mutual offers the lowest average rates in Garland with six-month policies at $765.

2nd place medal
2nd place: Germania Mutual Group

Another Texas-based company, Germania Mutual Group gives Garland residents the second-cheapest rates at $814 for six months or $136 per month.

3rd place medal
3rd place: GEICO

GEICO is actually tied for second place. GEICO also offers six-month policies at $814, according to our data. 

The Zebra's key takeaways about car insurance in Garland:

  • The average cost of a car insurance policy in Garland is $1,124 per six-month policy — $187 per month.
  • The cheapest company in Garland is Redpoint County Mutual ($765).
  • 43% of Zebra customers in Garland stated they used our product because they were paying too much for car insurance.

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?

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Garland car insurance rates by company

Our 2024 study indicates that Redpoint County Mutual is the most affordable auto insurance company in Garland providing full coverage. The average monthly premium for this protection is $128, totaling $765 for a six-month policy. The runners-up are Germania Mutual Group and GEICO, with an average cost of $136 per month or $814 for six months.

Consult The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey to learn more about top-rated auto insurance companies.

Cheapest car insurance companies in Garland, TX
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Redpoint County Mutual $765
Germania Mutual Group $814
GEICO $814
Nationwide $864
State Farm $947
USAA $952
Allstate $1,405

The Zebra’s Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool data methodology

The Zebra’s Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool for home and auto insurance rates utilizes the latest ZIP code-level rate filings from across the U.S., sourced from Quadrant Information Services and S&P Global. These filings, typically updated annually or biennially by insurers, are verified through Quadrant’s QA process and then integrated into The Zebra’s estimator.

The displayed rates are based on a dynamic home and auto profile designed to reflect the content of the page. This profile is tailored to match specific factors such as age, location, and coverage level, which are adjusted based on the page content to show how these variables can impact premiums.

For a comprehensive understanding, see our detailed methodology.

Shop around for the best rates

There's no need to spend a lot of time trying to save money on car insurance. With our comparison tool, you can easily locate affordable auto insurance that provides top-notch service. Enter your ZIP code to access rates from premier insurers such as State Farm, GEICO, Travelers, and others.

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Average car insurance in Garland by rating factor

The cost of car insurance is influenced by several factors, which can be challenging to determine. While most insurance companies use rating factors, the importance of each one can vary depending on the carrier. For instance, a company may place greater emphasis on a driver's credit score, while another may examine their driving record more closely.

Keep in mind that the most suitable insurance company for you may change over time, just as your coverage needs will change throughout your life. It's a good idea to get quotes periodically to ensure you're receiving the best possible rates and the appropriate level of coverage.

Q: I didn't have an accident — Why is my insurance going up?

A: Garland's car insurance prices can be influenced by the comparison of the premiums collected and the claims paid to the insureds at the end of the year. Insurance companies operating in busy cities must strike a balance between maintaining competitiveness and covering their expenses. Even if you've never filed a claim, you may face higher rates from certain insurers due to their earnings and costs.

Auto insurance premiums by age in Garland

Age is a crucial factor that is taken into consideration when calculating your insurance premium. Teen drivers tend to have a higher rate of accidents than other age groups, making them a risky investment for insurance companies. As a result, they face the highest costs when it comes to car insurance. In Garland, teenage drivers pay $1,978 more than drivers in their 20s, representing a whopping 136% increase.

This is the largest increase in cost among any other age group. However, it's important to keep in mind that insurance companies are not making things personal. They need to offset the cost of paying claims, which is why rates are naturally higher for riskier drivers. Fortunately, with more driving experience and a safe record, prices will eventually balance out.

Cheapest car insurance companies for teen drivers in Garland, TX
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Redpoint County Mutual $765
GEICO $2,063
Germania Mutual Group $2,068
USAA $2,127
Nationwide $3,208
State Farm $3,246
Allstate $6,283
Age Bracket Cheapest Companies Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
20s Redpoint County Mutual $765
30s Redpoint County Mutual $835
40s Nationwide $818
50s Nationwide $751
60s Nationwide $766
70s Redpoint County Mutual $835

Zebra Tip: The cheapest companies for Garland drivers between 20-40 are Redpoint County Mutual and GEICO

According to our findings, Garland drivers between the ages of 20 and 40 make up the biggest demographic. This group typically spends around $1,296 every six months on their car insurance. Selecting one of the suggested companies could save drivers in this age group up to 32%.

Auto insurance premiums for minimum coverage in Garland

Your car insurance premium is determined in large part by the level of coverage you choose. Our research shows that 69% of Garland's drivers only have state minimum coverage, which can be a cost-effective option in the short term but could leave you in a difficult situation in the event of a serious accident. On the other hand, selecting collision coverage or comprehensive coverage (also known as "full coverage") will significantly increase your rates, but it will also provide you with considerably more coverage than the bare minimum if you file a claim.

Full coverage usually includes a collision and comprehensive coverage, can help you save money while also providing peace of mind. The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums will be. Consider adjusting your deductible if you need full coverage but want to lower your monthly payments.

For added peace of mind while driving, consider opting for roadside assistance as an extra feature. It may impact your premium, but The Zebra recommends having it if you want an extra layer of security while on the road.

Q: Can I lower my car insurance coverage?

A: Possibly — if your vehicle is paid off.

If you are leasing or financing your car, you will generally be required to carry specific coverages. If you own your car outright and are considering dropping comprehensive or collision coverage, we recommend that you obtain the actual cash value of your vehicle from a reputable source such as Kelley Blue Book.

A good rule of thumb is that if your vehicle is worth less than $4,000, you can potentially drop collision coverage. While this can result in reduced insurance payments, it also means that you will have to pay for any repairs out of pocket if you are involved in an accident. Ultimately, the decision of whether to keep full coverage on a lower-value vehicle is up to you, and it depends on the pros and cons.

Cheapest car insurance companies for minimum coverage in Garland, TX
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
GEICO $322
Germania Mutual Group $331
USAA $351
Redpoint County Mutual $379
Allstate $411
State Farm $468
Nationwide $471

34% of our customers in Garland opt for the minimum level of coverage, but this doesn't mean it is the option for you. It really depends on your habits, peace of mind, budget, and other personal preferences. If you're thinking about saving money by carrying only the state minimum coverage, be aware that it does leave you at risk for damages that exceed your liability limits. Texas' 30/60/25 liability limits provide coverage for damage you cause up to $30,000 per person in bodily injury, $60,000 per accident in bodily injury and $25,000 for property damage. While this may be sufficient for most straightforward car accidents, it might not be for bodily injury claims or multi-vehicle accidents.

Learn more about insurance laws in Texas.

Garland car insurance rates by credit score

Insurance rates are determined by a variety of factors, one of which is your credit score, much like your age. Although it may not be your preferred consideration, there are reasons for it. Studies show that drivers with lower credit scores are more likely to file claims, engage in risky driving behavior, and have more gaps in their insurance coverage.

Insurance companies must prepare for this because lower credit scores are linked with higher risk. In Garland, for example, drivers with poor credit (300-579) pay 108% more than those with excellent credit (800-850).

Our data reveals that 33% of Garland drivers have an "average (580-679)" credit score, and Redpoint County Mutual offers the best value for drivers in this category.

car insurance in garland by credit score
Cheapest car insurance companies for bad credit in Garland, TX
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Redpoint County Mutual $765
GEICO $1,262
Nationwide $1,338
Germania Mutual Group $1,495
USAA $1,892
State Farm $1,955
Allstate $2,134

Zebra Tip: If you recently improved your credit score, shop around for car insurance!

According to statistics, drivers in Garland who possess "Poor" credit ratings pay car insurance premiums that are 29% higher per year than those with "Fair" credit ratings. If you have been taking steps to improve your credit score, this might be an opportune moment to speak with an agent and see if you can qualify for lower car insurance rates.

Auto insurance rates with an at-fault accident

Insurance claims resulting from at-fault and collision-type accidents are among the most frequent. These types of accidents can cause significant stress and anxiety, and they can also lead to higher premiums. In Garland in 2024, at-fault accidents led to average monthly car insurance rate increases ranging from $187 to $300. After an at-fault accident, the most affordable car insurance provider in Garland is Redpoint County Mutual.

To keep your premiums reasonable, it's crucial to practice safe driving habits, whether you're in Garland or any other city. Accidents can happen to anyone, and they may not always be your fault. Nonetheless, it's possible to avoid traffic citations and violations by being a careful driver. Speeding tickets, reckless driving, and DUI charges can all cause your rates to spike.

Cheapest car insurance companies after an at-fault accident in Garland, TX
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Redpoint County Mutual $765
Germania Mutual Group $1,048
State Farm $1,151
GEICO $1,181
Nationwide $1,422
USAA $1,454
Allstate $2,243

Garland car insurance rates by violation

Below you can see how different violations and claims will increase your rate in Garland.

Car insurance rate increases after violations and citations in Garland, TX
Accident/Violation Avg. 6 Mo. Premium % Rate Increase $ Rate Increase
None $1,124 0% $0
One Med/PIP claim $1,134 1% $10
One comp claim $1,194 6% $70
Failure to show documents $1,200 7% $76
Not-at-fault accident $1,201 7% $77
Driving with expired registration $1,210 8% $86
Two Med/PIP claims $1,215 8% $91
Failure to wear a seat belt $1,217 8% $93
Driving without lights $1,218 8% $94
Child safety restraint $1,225 9% $101
Cell phone violation $1,247 11% $123
Texting while driving $1,247 11% $123
Speeding 11 - 15 MPH over limit $1,250 11% $126
Speeding 16 - 20 MPH over limit $1,250 11% $126
Speeding 6 - 10 MPH over limit $1,250 11% $126
Speeding in school zone $1,255 12% $131
Driving too slowly $1,255 12% $131
In 65 MPH zone $1,258 12% $134
Failure to stop at a red light $1,259 12% $135
Two comp claims $1,261 12% $137
Improper passing $1,262 12% $138
Speeding 21 - 25 MPH over limit $1,263 12% $139
Wrong way/wrong lane $1,266 13% $142
Failure to yield $1,268 13% $144
Illegal turn $1,268 13% $144
Following too closely $1,271 13% $147
Passing school bus $1,276 14% $152
Operating a vehicle without permission $1,286 14% $162
At-fault accident - less than $1000 $1,402 25% $278
Driving with a suspended license $1,581 41% $457
Racing $1,585 41% $461
Reckless driving $1,609 43% $485
Leaving scene of an accident/hit and run $1,637 46% $513
Open container $1,639 46% $515
At-fault accident - $1000-$2000 $1,793 59% $669
At-fault accident - greater than $2000 $1,799 60% $676
Refusal to submit to a chemical test $1,848 64% $724
DUI $1,871 66% $747

Why is car insurance in Garland so expensive?

Garland residents may find themselves paying more for auto insurance than they would like, and there are several reasons for this. One of the main factors is the city's location in Texas, which generally has a higher cost of living than other parts of the country due to its proximity to the major city of Dallas. This increased cost of living can make it more expensive for insurance companies to do business in Garland, which can translate to higher premiums for drivers. Additionally, factors like age, credit score, and driving history can also play a role in the cost of auto insurance in Garland.


Over the past few years, residents of Garland, Texas have seen a rise in the cost of living, which has had a direct impact on the cost of doing business for auto insurers operating in the area. As a result, car insurance rates have also been on the rise. This increase in the cost of living has been driven by several factors, including inflation, changes in the economy, and a growing demand for housing and other essentials.


Your insurance rates in Garland are influenced by your location. The area you live in plays a vital role in determining your insurance premiums. But how does your neighborhood affect your insurance rates? It's all about risk, once again. The incidence of crime, theft, and uninsured motorists differs from one ZIP code to the next. Insurance providers know that some parts of Garland have a higher risk of criminal activity, and if you reside in one of those areas, you'll likely pay more for your insurance than someone living in a safer neighborhood. Auto insurance rates in Garland can vary significantly depending on your ZIP code.

Expensive Garland ZIP codes: 75242, 75241, 75215, 75216, 75227

Cheap Garland ZIP codes: 75098, 75287, 75252, 75248, 75234


If you reside in Garland, TX, you should be aware that certain weather risks, such as flooding, thunderstorms and other weather events, can put you at a higher risk of loss. Garland is prone to rain, which comes with an increased risk of water-related damage, accidents, and poor road conditions. In fact, the roads in Garland are reported to contain many potholes which can easily damage your vehicle. 

To protect yourself from possible damage caused by severe weather, it is recommended that you carry comprehensive coverage, which covers weather-related damage. As such, if you want to ensure that you are protected from the financial consequences of severe weather in Garland, you may want to consider carrying comprehensive coverage as a part of your insurance policy.


Owing to its larger population, Garland experiences a more significant number of vehicles on its roads than the rural areas of Texas. The greater number of cars leads to a proportional increase in accidents. The expenses linked to accident claims are often spread across other drivers in the locality through a rise in insurance premiums. This also applies to drivers who drive safely or infrequently. Our data shows that almost 31% of Garland's drivers are currently uninsured. If you end up in an accident with an uninsured driver in Garland, you might have to bear the entire cost of the repair.

Zebra Tip: Use your comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle against hail

Despite the risks associated with severe weather events, many drivers tend to underestimate them. However, it is worth noting that Texas topped the charts for having the highest number of hail events in 2022, and also experienced a total of 160 tornadoes that same year.[1] If you only have the state minimum insurance and your car is damaged in a hailstorm or tornado, you could be facing a significant bill. To safeguard yourself from these unexpected costs, it's advisable to consider adding comprehensive coverage to your insurance policy. By doing so, you can rest assured that you're protected against any losses or damages that may arise as a result of Mother Nature's wrath, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Bundling insurance policies in Garland

It appears that car insurance premiums are rising across the board. Despite this, Garland drivers can still save money on their auto insurance in various ways. A simple method to get a discount is to bundle multiple policies with a single provider. If you already have home or renters insurance, ask your insurance company if you can combine your car insurance with it. Additionally, be sure to explore bundle discounts offered by other companies. By combining your premiums, you could potentially save up to 10%. Find out more about the advantages of bundling home and car insurance.

bundling home and auto insurance in Garland
Cheapest car insurance companies for bundling home and auto insurance in Garland, TX
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Germania Mutual Group $696
GEICO $763
Redpoint County Mutual $765
Nationwide $777
State Farm $794
USAA $872
Allstate $1,175

Regardless of certain factors outside of your control that can influence your insurance rates in Garland, you can still work to uphold a strong profile while shopping for insurance. It's important to keep in mind that you have alternatives when it comes to your insurance company! Even if you've stayed with the same insurer since purchasing your first car, it's worth exploring other auto insurance quotes to discover the most economical rate that also provides the necessary coverage. Although changing companies can be unsettling, some providers are more costly than others, and you always have the option to switch.

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Frequently asked questions

Garland has an average cost of $1,124 for a six-month car insurance policy, which means about $187 per month. This is higher than the national average ($880) and the Texas state average ($993).

At an average cost of $765 per six-month policy, Redpoint County Mutual is the insurance company that offers the most inexpensive rates in Garland.

A six-month policy for teen drivers in Garland can cost nearly $3,429, which translates to a monthly premium of about $572. To help lower the cost of car insurance for young drivers with their policies, we suggest that parents or guardians add them to their own policies.

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