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Can Insurify help you save money on auto insurance? Read on to learn more or enter your ZIP code to get quotes.

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Insurance comparison site review: how good is Insurify?

Insurify is an online insurance marketplace that helps users compare insurance quotes from a number of different companies. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the company officially launched its website in 2016. Car insurance comprises the core of Insurify’s business, though the company has branched out to cover life and homeowners insurance as well.

Insurify claims to save customers an average of $489 on their car insurance premiums, though it is unclear how this total is calculated. Insurify's product is similar to those offered by other leading insurance comparison sites such as The Zebra, which provides real-time, bindable insurance quotes. Read our review of Insurify to learn more about how the company works and how it compares with The Zebra and other competitors. 

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Table of contents: Insurify review

  1. How does Insurify work?
  2. The Insurify comparison experience
  3. How does Insurify handle your personal information?
  4. Insurify life and home insurance
  5. Insurify customer ratings
  6. Which insurance comparison site is best?
  7. Insurify FAQs
  8. Methodology


How does Insurify work? 

Insurify partners with some of the top insurers in the country, including Travelers, Nationwide, and Farmers, to offer insurance quotes for its users based on the personal information the user provides.


Insurify homepage

The shopping experience begins on Insurify's well-organized and easily navigable homepage. Those eager to begin the quotes process can get started in one of a variety of ways.


Insurify Home Page


Some of the information on the Insurify auto insurance landing page could be misleading. The company displays its user reviews prominently, but it’s unclear where this rating or number of reviews — which fails to match another similar count on the page — comes from.

Insurify cites the fact it has generated “five million quotes,” which doesn’t match a number elsewhere on the same page. Perhaps most confusingly, Insurify displays a count of 114,000 Facebook followers, though a quick glance at the company’s Facebook page indicates a number far less than this — just shy of 22,000 at the time of writing. 

At any given time on an Insurify page, you can expect at least one — and typically two or three — links to its quote comparison product. This is certainly convenient if you are looking to begin the quoting process, but it can overwhelm on the site's information-heavy blog pages. This is especially true on mobile, where these product entry points take up a good portion of the screen.


The Insurify quote comparison experience

Insurify makes the process of shopping for insurance quotes quite simple. The site begins by asking for your ZIP code, after which you are prompted to input information about your vehicle, including its year, make, model, and whether or not you are financing or own it outright. 

The left-hand column includes some handy graphics that allow you to visualize your projected savings and Insurify’s confidence in the quotes they find for you. However, it’s unclear exactly what these savings are based on as they don’t ask what you currently pay. 

Subsequent pages collect more information related to your driving and insurance history, including age, prior insurance, previous accidents, and other determining factors. Insurify’s “accuracy confidence” section gives a good measure of how likely you are to get an accurate quote based on the information you provide.

It’s during this process that Insurify asks for personal information, including name, address, telephone number, and email address. These required fields must be completed in order to get a quote. See our section on how Insurify handles your personal information below


Does Insurify offer discounts? 

As you submit the required information, you can “unlock” discounts, such as for being a safe driver or for having low mileage. This gives the shopping experience something of a game-like quality. Still, it’s interesting how Insurify can assume such savings, as not all carriers honor the same discounts. It's worth noting these discounts are not exactly guaranteed.


The Insurify insurance quotes page

Once you’ve entered all of your information, you are taken to the quotes page. The results are clean and very easy to read. It should be noted that the confidence indicator was at 95% on the quotes page, which is fairly high. 

My search turned up a number of car insurance companies and information about the policies for which I was being quoted. You can choose to have your quotes listed in a variety of different ways, sorting them by price and by what Insurify recommends. 


Insurify quotes page


One of the more unique features of the Insurify quotes pages is that customers have the option to change coverage options on the sidebar. This allows for a heavily customizable search experience. A toggle switch below these results allows you to “track rates.” This gives you the option to request a new car insurance quote be sent to you as often as every month.  

Along with quotes from insurance carriers, Insurify offers helpful definitions of terms commonly found on a car insurance policy, including bodily injury, property damage, collision, comprehensive, roadside assistance, and car rental

Insurify’s results are not always consistent: upon multiple distinct visits to the quotes page, Elephant Insurance appeared twice within the results, with one listing showing a quote and another displaying a blank dollar amount and urging customers to “click to quote.”


Insurify Elephant Insurance


Buying an insurance policy with Insurify

Insurify’s results page returns a number of different types of results, some of which allow you to purchase a policy online while others require a phone call. The cheapest option our tester received through Insurify was from Safeco. However, it was for a 12-month policy, not the requested six-month policy duration. It gave our tester the option to call them, have them call the tester, or to purchase the policy online. When we clicked the buy online option, it directed us to Answer Financial, an insurance agency able to finish transactions fully online or by phone. 

Results from other carriers allowed us the option to “reserve” a rate and to have the carrier call at a later time. While most companies listed quotes, some did not. Instead, some insurers required users to “click to quote,” which links directly to the insurer’s website. Some customer information is carried over to the carrier site, though it’s possible that you may have to manually input your information once there. At this point, representatives from the insurance company can help you complete your policy purchase.


How does Insurify handle your personal information?

Insurify doesn’t sell personal information and has stated it does not spam customers. However, Insurify may partner with companies that do sell personal data. In our tests, we found results pages featuring First Quote Auto, a lead generation site.


Insurify lead gen ad


Customers who unwittingly click on this link and complete the quoting process might receive a barrage of unwanted spam email and phone calls. While Insurify doesn’t sell your information, some of their advertising partners could. 

You must enter your phone number before you can see your quotes, which could be off-putting to someone averse to their personal information being released. In turn, I received a phone call from a representative with two hours of seeking a quote, with two more following that afternoon. Calls continued for the next several days, once even ten minutes apart.  


Insurify life and home insurance

Insurify provides more than just auto insurance quotes. Home insurance is another area in which Insurify operates. However, this portion of their business is far less developed. They ask for very little information about your actual house, which is crucial in order to provide an accurate home insurance quote. The results page is rather sparse, with only one quote provided from Hippo, though the chances of this being accurate with so little information are slim.  

The company also claims to carry life insurance and gives customers the opportunity to input their information for the funnel. However, this portion of their business seems more aspirational, as the results page only leads to ads from life insurance companies and no actual quotes, in our tester's experience. 


Insurify artificial intelligence

One of Insurify’s primary selling points is its use of artificial intelligence to find the best rates for customers. It’s unclear how exactly this occurs. An example of such artificial intelligence would appear to be their use of a virtual insurance agent, though the use of this seems to have been de-emphasized over the years. The company claimed that by taking a photo of your license plate with your smartphone, they would be able to match you with the best carrier for your insurance needs. 

More recently, the company has talked about a proprietary software called RateRank™ that supposedly uses algorithms to match customers with the best policy. Still, based on the results page, it’s unclear how their results differ from other insurance comparison websites.


Insurify customer ratings and reviews

Insurify reviews tend to be positive. In general, customers seem to be quite happy with Insurify’s insurance shopping option. On top of an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Insurify’s customer reviews are as follows:


Rating site

Average rating


No ratings




No ratings




Which insurance quote comparison site is best?

If you’re on the hunt for a new auto or home insurance policy, it pays to shop around. While there’s no shortage of comparison websites claiming to provide the best insurance quotes, if you want attention to detail and a great customer service experience, The Zebra is a great choice. 

With an easy-to-use website and licensed in-house insurance agents, The Zebra can make finding the best insurance rates much easier. That, paired with a commitment to keeping your personal information secure, means that you can put your confidence in The Zebra to help you find a policy that fits your needs.


Insurify FAQs

What does Insurify do?

Insurify partners with some of the top insurance companies to give you real-time, side-by-side quotes, much like The Zebra. Policies can be purchased online or by calling the insurance companies themselves and providing the reference number for the quote. The site is free and relatively easy to use, though customers looking for home and life insurance quotes could find themselves with fewer options as Insurify is still working to build up this portion of their business. 


Insurify vs. The Zebra: how are they different?

The Zebra and Insurify operate in very similar ways, both offering real insurance quotes from a number of different companies. However, The Zebra is the largest direct quotes insurance comparison site with a much larger customer base and close relationships to most of the top insurance companies. 

Also, The Zebra operates an in-house insurance agency, which can sell policies directly to customers. They can spend time answering complex questions and lead you to the right policy for your needs. 

Furthermore, while both companies claim to operate on a no-spam basis, only The Zebra forgoes the phone number requirement, meaning its users don’t receive follow-up calls. What’s more, you won’t find lead-generation ads on The Zebra’s results page, meaning your personal information stays secure. 


What are the pros and cons of using Insurify?

Pros of Insurify

Insurify has an easy-to-use interface and gets great customer reviews. They work with a number of top insurers to provide car insurance quotes. They also allow users to significantly personalize policy details to receive quotes that fit what the customers actually need. 


Cons of Insurify

However, Insurify’s “no-spam” claim should be taken with a grain of salt, as the site requires users to submit a phone number in order to get quotes. In turn, this could lead to a number of follow-up calls (at least 10 over the course of 48 hours!). What’s more, having ads from lead-generation sites on their quotes page can unwittingly lead some customers toward spam-heavy websites. Lastly, those seeking life insurance on the site will inevitably be disappointed that they are simply being led to a page full of ads.

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We used a profile of a single, 30-year-old male who was employed full time. The sample driver insured a 2015 Toyota Camry and had one at-fault accident on their record in the past three years.

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