Best Car Insurance for Married Couples

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What is car insurance for married couples?

The ramifications of getting married on your car insurance are probably the very last thing when you consider getting hitched — if it's a thought at all. It’s usually the time when you and your significant other are picking out venues, cakes, and center pieces rather than thinking about merging insurance policies. But, at the end of the day, when the glamor of the wedding and honeymoon have worn off, you should consider looking at the effect of marriage on your car insurance. That’s where we come in. So, to merge or not to merge?

What's the best car insurance for married couples?

  1. What's the best company for married couples?
  2. When to keep it separate?
  3. When to merge your policies?
  4. Summary

Companies and Marriage

In order to get an averaged idea of a married couples insurance prmeium, we created a base profile of a married couple aged 50 to determine which company is actually the cheapest during this time of your life. Outlined here, our profile examines 5 different companies across 5 different zip codes. While we expect your profile will not entirely match our generic one, you should still consider our data as a jumping off point when trying to find car insurance. Shopping as many companies as possible, as we did, is the very best way to make sure you're getting the best rate.

Car insurance for Married Couples

LocationState FarmAll StateGeicoProgressiveLiberty Mutual
Columbus, OH$1,158$944$577$437$612
McKinney, TX$2,595$1,857$654$816N/A
Fresno, CA$1,854$483$736$709$1,254
Aurora, CA$2,382$4,409$845$1,136$1,875
Scranton, PA$1,839$993$445$633$570

Nope, hold off on merging those policies!

You might be surprised to learn that it doesn’t always make sense to merge your car insurance policy with your husband or wife. The three big things to consider when thinking about before adding an additional person to your policy are:

Bad driving records

If you or your partner has a bad driving record, i.e., lots of at-fault accidents or citations, your bill will be higher because they are being rated on your policy. Your spouse getting their own policy would ensure you are not financially penalized for their driving mistakes.

Poor credit

Most insurance companies and most states use your credit score as a determining factor for your premium. Just like having a poor driving record, having a low credit score can negatively impact your premium significantly.

Average Annual Premium based on Credit Score in 2016

PoorBelow FairFairGoodExcellent

Expensive cars

If you drive a Toyota Corolla but your significant other drives a Lamborghini, you should expect a significant difference in your premiums. Your insurance company has to soften the risk of insuring such a high-value car by charging a high premium. If you’re worried about footing the bill for their fancy and expensive car, think about getting your own policy.

Yep, definitely merge your policies!

In a response to the above-mentioned negatives, some states and insurance companies allow you a smidge of flexibility in terms of primary drivers. In terms of bad credit, for example, you might be able to save some money by having the driver with the poorer credit as the primary driver of the least expensive car to insure. Still, not every insurance company and every state will allow you to do that, so speak with an insurance agent for details. Here are some other reasons to keep your policy in the family:

Added discounts

Usually, when you add your partner and their vehicle to your policy, you are eligible for a multi-car discount. The reason being for this discount is the additional line of revenue for your insurance company by insuring more than one vehicle with them. This increased revenue is (somewhat) returned the favor by a decreased premium. Now, the amount of the discount per underwriting rules, any discount is worth considering. Another discount that you should consider is based on the change of your marital status, not by adding additional lines of insurance. By updating your personal information from “single” to “married,” your insurance rate actually drops by an average of $74 a year. This is because of the way your insurance company sees you as a married client. Married people are considered more stable drivers and more likely to share driving responsibilities — all of which mean fewer claims payouts for them.

National Average Annual Insurance by Marital Status



It might seem like a pain to get your spouse added to your policy, but it’s actually less of a hassle when you get into the weeds. If you and your spouse live together and have separate policies, your insurance companies will most likely require you to either add or completely exclude your spouse from your policy altogether. This is because insurance companies see the likelihood of roommates (married or not) sharing vehicles to be very high and thus like an absolute defined — they are covered drivers or completely excluded, and any damages they cause would not be covered by the insurance company. If you and your spouse decide to stay on separate policies, you will not be allowed to use the other’s vehicle unless you want to risk not getting any protection.  Furthermore, only having to worry about one joint bill to pay and one policy worry about is certainly easier.

So, together or not? 

At the end of the day, the decision to add or exclude your spouse is a personal one. You should consider if either of you has a bad driving record, poor credit, or an above-average vehicle which could expensively impact your premium. Moreover, consider the discounts you receive from both being married and adding another person/driver to your policy before dismissing the idea. Want a quote to see how much you can save? Start now.

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We randomly selected 5 zip codes in 5 different areas across the US by using the 5 most popular companies in the US based on net premiums written. Here are the zip codes we selected:

  • Columbus, OH - 43216
  • McKinney, TX - 75070
  • Fresno, CA - 75070
  • Scranton, PA - 93722
  • Aurora, CO - 80013

With that created, we decided to get the couple with two vehicles in order to create a base to build the teenage driver profiles from. This is the information we chose to use:

  • Couple's DOB: 08/01/1960
  • Woman: 2015 Toyota Sienna LE, owned, 12,000/year
  • Man Vehicle: 2015 Toyota Crewmax, owned, driving 12,000/year
  • Driving Record: no accidents or citation
  • Education: BA
  • Licensed at: 16
  • Occupation: Manager Level - Accounting
  • Insurance History: Max amount selectable of previous years with insurance company, limits at 100/300/100

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