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If you're a young driver, you probably understand the struggle of finding cheap car insurance. But if you're a young male driver, you really understand the struggle. Young male drivers are, on average, the most expensive clients to an insurance company for a couple of reasons. Firstly, their age range raises a lot of concerns for insurance companies, as young drivers (regardless of gender) are less experienced drivers and thus more likely to file a claim.

Next, insurance companies see male drivers as more likely to engage in dangerous behavior when it comes to driving — speeding, running red lights, being less likely to check for merging cars, etc. For insurance companies, more risks always equal more premium owned. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that, on average, young men between the ages of 16-25 pay $370 more per year (or $185 for a 6-month premium) than women in the same age group.

Average Premiums for 16-25-year-olds

Age Male Female Difference
16 $2,794 $2,440 $354
17 $2,645 $2,325 $320
18 $2,449 $2,180 $269
19 $2,154 $1,191 $235
20 $1,992 $1,819 $172
21 $1,797 $1,720 $153
22 $1,701 $1,584 $116
23 $1,619 $1,522 $97
24 $1,571 $1,528 $85
25 $1,476 $1,427 $49
Average $2,020 $1,835 $185

Now, while the difference between genders decreases as drivers age, and some states don’t factor gender in their rating, that 185 bucks is quite a bit of premium difference.

So, in order to determine the best ways to save as a young male driver, we decided to survey 5 top insurance companies across 5 zip codes in the US to see which offers the cheapest rates. So, who won?

Spoiler alert: it’s Geico.

Our Findings: 5 Companies Premiums by Zip code

Zip Code Geico Progressive State Farm Allstate Liberty Mutual
Columbus, OH $628 $858 $2,082 $1,471 $1,050
McKinney, Texas $1,121 $1,027 $4,390 $4,269 N/A
Fresno, CA $1,249 $1,263 $2,871 $1,202 $3,258
Scranton, PA $708 $1,544 $3,015 $1,554 $846
Aurora, CO $1,403 $1,753 $3,643 $3,740 $1,995
Average $1,022 $1,289 $3,200 $2,447 $1,787

The information above is from a profile outlined here but is the averaged profile of a 17-year-old on their parents policy with a moderate vehicle. From this information, we can clearly see Geico is the way to go in terms of finding the best company for this specific profile. If, however, you don't fall into our basic profile (which is more than likely), we still have some tips for you on saving on auto insurance.

Game plan

Keep your driving record clean

Because insurance companies see 16-25 year olds as little walking claims waiting to happen, it is imperative that you keep your record clean. Avoiding tickets, accidents, or violations of any kind will help keep your premiums as cheap as possible.

Look for discounts like

Defense Driver Discount: Insurance companies see young drivers who have taken a defensive driving course as less likely to receive a citation or get into an accident. The exact requirements and specifications for this discount vary, so consult your insurance company for details!

Average Annual Savings for Good Student and Good Driver Discount

Age Male Female
16 $439 $248
17 $348 $222
18 $338 $197
19 $278 $160

Good student discount: If you’re a student and a GPA above a 3.0, you should speak with your insurance company about a good student discount. Usually, your insurance company will require you to submit a transcript every 6 months for proof. Just like the defensive driver discount, the exact amount varies per insurance company so speak with them to get the cheapest rate possible.

Chose a moderate vehicle

A 16-year-old boy with a 2017 RAM 1500 is definitely going to pay more than the same kid with a 2009 Mazda 3. While you (or your son) sees a truck as cool, your insurance company sees it as a high-performing vehicle with a prolific ability to increase a payout. In keeping with this idea, vehicles with a high MSRP tend to be more expensive to insure as well as they are more costly to repair and replace.

Shop Around

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Fair or not, insurance companies see young male drivers as risky investments and anytime there is a risk for an insurance company, there will be a monetary cost. While you wait to turn 25 to see the real savings, there are some things you can do in the meantime to see some insurance savings. Keeping your driving record clean, looking for discounts where possible, and staying on your parent’s insurance policy wherever possible as surefire ways to see some savings. Still, the biggest way to see if you could be getting a better rate elsewhere is to compare. Use our tool here to compare over 200 different companies at once.

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We randomly selected 5 zip codes in 5 different areas across the US by using the 5 most popular companies in the US based on net premiums written. Here are the zip codes we selected:

  • Columbus, OH - 43216
  • McKinney, TX - 75070
  • Fresno, CA - 75070
  • Scranton, PA - 93722
  • Aurora, CO - 80013

With that created, we decided to get the male and female teen two parents with two vehicles in order to create a base to build the teenage driver profiles from. This is the information we chose to use:

  • Parent's DOB: 08/01/1960
  • Mother's Vehicle: 2015 Toyota Sienna LE, owned, 12,000/year
  • Father's Vehicle: 2015 Toyota Crewmax, owned, driving 12,000/year
  • Driving Record: no accidents or citation
  • Education: BA
  • Licensed at: 16
  • Occupation: Manager Level - Accounting
  • Insurance History: Max amount selectable of previous years with insurance company, limits at 100/300/100

Next, we needed to create the profile of the teen drivers; one that is female and male. Here is the information:

  • Teen's DOB: 08/01/2000
  • Teen's: 2015 Toyota Carmy, owned, 12,000/year
  • Driving Record: no accidents or citation
  • Education: Above B Above
  • Licensed at: 17
  • Occupation: None